How to Protect your Broadband Connection from Hackers

The broadband device or router in your home is the next important thing after your smartphone and computer. Nowadays, many people are connected to the internet through a wireless network, and day after day it is becoming more portable and flexible making it prone to hacking. As much as your broadband connection is important in your daily life it is also the most vulnerable type of connection.

Since most people search for best broadband near me and are directed to multiple options, it becomes difficult for them to make a choice. But once the choice has been made, you must take the necessary precautions to protect your connection from hackers.

Measure to take beforehand

The phrase “prevention is better than cure” is also applicable for your broadband connection because it is difficult to retrieve once it gets hacked. Let’s see how you can prevent your broadband from being hacked.

  • Hiding your SSID

Hiding your SSID is an effective way to secure your network to some extent. In reality, several advanced hackers can easily locate your wireless internet network SSID even if you have made honest efforts to hide it. This is all the more possible because hackers now use advanced tools such as a Wi-Fi tracker to hack into your system.

Thus, hiding your SSID can prevent your network from being discovered, making it impossible to be hacked. Remember to reveal your wireless SSID to only those you trust. If you are on the lookout for broadband plans in Delhi, remember to ask your service provider how to hide your SSID for protection.

  • Regularly updating your detail

To protect your wireless internet network, you should regularly update your details. These details can include your password as well as your wireless keys to SSID. This must be done because hackers are always looking out for ways to hack your network and in most cases they are successful. By regularly changing the details it becomes difficult for them to keep track of your wireless network, consequently making it impossible to hack your system.

  • Regularly updated your software

Regularly updating your software such as your router drivers to your firewall and antivirus or a wireless network card, is another effective step in protecting your broadband connection. Since the drivers and softwares protect your network they are also vulnerable to bugs which can be fixed by regularly updating the software packages. When the software bug is an outdated version, it becomes difficult for hackers to hack your network

  • Changing the default settings

Several people ignore it when they opt for broadband plans in Delhi but remember to change the default details of your wireless devices and router that came with the initial installation. Changing your default router name, password, IP address, and SSID will make it impossible for hackers to hack your system.


So these are the few ways in which you can prevent your wireless broadband connection from being hacked. Henceforth, after searching for the “best broadband near me”, make sure that you have tried and tested these tips.

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