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It’s relatively direct in case you’re giving a discount with a money order in QuickBooks. Open the Customers menu and select Create Credit Memos/Refunds. Complete the structure with data about the client and the returned thing, and be sure that the assessment status is right. It should look something like this: 

At the point when you spare the exchange, a discourse box (Available Credit) opens and gives you three decisions: 

  • Hold as an available credit. 
  • Give a discount 
  • Apply to a receipt 

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Select the subsequent choice here and snap OK. The Issue a Refund discourse box will open, adequately filled in with the information you gave about the first exchange. You have to reveal to QuickBooks Customer Service how the cash is going to move, so click on the bolt close to the field that is marked Issue this discount through. 

In case you’re giving a check, your errand is genuinely necessary. Select that alternative from the rundown that drops down and confirm that the financial records that are shown are right. Include a notice on the off chance that you’d prefer to help yourself to remember the explanation behind the arrival and snap OK. Print the check independently or in a cluster as you ordinarily would. 


If you are discounting a charge card exchange in QuickBooks, in any case, your undertaking is somewhat trickier. Make a credit reminder as you did in the above model, however, select the right charge card choice in the Issue a Refund discourse box, this way: 

Preparing a discount exchange through Visa is a more mind-boggling process than composing a check. Making a discount exchange through Mastercard is a more mind-boggling process than writing a check. 

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Make sure to click in the crate close to Process charge card discount when sparing. At the point when you click OK, QuickBooks ought to interface with your Intuit Merchant Service Center record and open the screen that permits you to process discounts. 

Note: You may need to physically sign in to your dealer account before you get to the discount screen. You’ll undoubtedly need to on the off chance that you haven’t set up the connection yet. We can help you in setting up this association and investigate any issues. 

When you’ve confirmed that the entirety of the data is right, click Submit. This exchange will show up as a negative number in your Accounts Receivable record in QuickBooks, and your client ought to get their discount inside 2-4 business days, or perhaps toward the finish of the client’s charging cycle, contingent upon the monetary establishment that gave the card. 


If you let us work with you as you’re setting up and starting to give client discounts through the Intuit Merchant Service Center, you shouldn’t need to utilize the site’s pursuit instruments now and again. Nonetheless, they’re accessible should you need them. The Center offers essential and propelled scan instruments for finding any exchange you’re searching for. 

To arrive, click the down bolt close to Activity and Reports, at that point click Search for | Transactions. Snap the Advanced Search tab to set up a quest for your discount, this way: 

You can characterize propelled look in the Intuit Merchant Service Center. You can portray look in the Intuit Merchant Service Center. 

Discounts aren’t probably going to be one of your five most loved activities in QuickBooks, yet on the off chance that we can walk you through the procedure a couple of times, it ought to become as programmed as composing a check or making a receipt.

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