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How To Remarket TikTok Audiences Efficiently

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Clever marketing is making your ROI doubled. To attain this, you should understand whom you are marketing to and where to engage with them.

When it comes to social media marketing, most businesses choose Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In simple words, they are not utilizing the compelling opportunity to grab more target audiences among the Z generation. Thus if you use TikTok for marketing purposes, you can obtain more fans on TikTok because of fewer competitors on the platform. It doesn’t mean that the platform contains fewer users; TikTok acquires over 800 million monthly active users, of which half of the percentage is between 18 and 25 years old.

With a massive younger audience, TikTok is an excellent tool for every business to attract them.

Double Your ROI Through TikTok Remarketing

An old marketing principle, “The Rule Of 7,” is more effective in TikTok remarketing to double your ROI. It simply means engaging with the users who already show interest in your products.

Merging TikTok’s power with remarketing brings a cost-effective and powerful strategy of social media marketing.

TikTok Remarketing

While crafting your TikTok ad groups, the platform lets you choose custom audiences depending on several terms. There are 4 various ways, let’s see one by one:

Website Traffic

Here you could target users on the platform who have already visited your site or performed some actions, like:

  • Form submission
  • User registration
  • Seeing a particular page, etc.

It helps target users who showed interest in your offers earlier but didn’t purchase anything. To do this, you want to download the TikTok pixel application and get info before starting your campaign. TikTok pixel is the HTML code format that loads when any user gets on your site and tracks every activity. Also, it is helpful to track your TikTok ad campaigns effectively.


Here you could target users on the platform who have already interacted with your ads previously in a particular way, including:

  • Viewing your ad
  • Clicking your ad
  • Viewing your ad content more than 2 seconds
  • Viewing your ad content more than 6 seconds
  • Viewing above 25% in your ad content
  • Viewing above 50% in your ad content
  • Viewing above 75% in your ad content
  • Viewing your entire ad content

It grabs the audience only who have already connected with your TikTok app. Engagement audiences on TikTok are refreshed automatically.

App Activity

Here you could target users on the platform who have already achieved particular things in your application, including:

  • App installation
  • App launching
  • Adding products to the final cart
  • Searching
  • Clicking
  • Logging in
  • App rating
  • Subscribing
  • Achievements unlocking, etc.

If you need to connect with users on TikTok who have utilized your app previously, app activity custom audience is a perfect option for you to do. The audiences of app activity are refreshed automatically.

Customer File

You may submit a customer document and compare your customers with users on TikTok using the CFCA(Custom File Custom Audience) type.

Please keep in mind that CFCA(Custom File Custom Audience) isn’t appropriate for most TikTok marketing campaigns.

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