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How to Repair your Iphone amid the Corona Virus Lockdown

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iPhone XS max screen replacement

Are you struggling to fix your iphone amid the corona virus lockdown? This time is crucial for every person in the world as corona virus is a pandemic no country left behind that is not affected by this virus. This is the time in which we have to stay connected with our near and dear ones using our palm-size digital gadget iphone in this digital era. Everyone is curious and worried to know the health information of their family members who are with them or somewhere else in the world.

All we are spending more time at home and using our iphone for shopping, payments, and many more due to social distancing. At this time if your iphone gets damaged or not working properly it is a frustrating period for you. Due to this pandemic, all wholesale and repair shops are closed so you can’t give it to the apple store or your local repair shop.

If you go for maintenance to repair the store then there is a chance to spread COVID-19 disease. As we all know that numbers of COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day and also there is a vaccine problem. Nobody knows when will everything is normal. 

Even day by day everybody surrounded by negative thoughts it may any age group person in the world. So in this situation question arises that where do you go to get your iphone xs max screen replacement? If you think about it deeply you may have some options even in this situation.

Some Common Problem that Irritating your Iphone:

Iphone users face some problems when they update their device with new IOS. But if you don’t update it may issue in the future so in both cases you have a problem and there may be many reasons behind these issues. There are some hardware and software issues.

Some of them are easy to fix and you can do it yourself but some are major problems that need some tools and expert skills. Before going to troubleshoot an iphone you should know about the intensity of the problem. Don’t try to resolve the major damage issue of your iphone you may damage your phone even more than earlier.

1.             Overheating issue

2.             Iphone camera rolls crash

3.             Forgot iphone password

4.             Iphone hangs up on the Apple logo

5.             Some applications freeze unexpectedly

6.             Iphone sensors not working properly

7.             Screen touch not working

8.             Apple and Face ID not working

9.             Iphone speakers not working

10.          Bluetooth issue

11.          Wi-Fi connection problem

12.          Iphone black screen

13.          Water damage iphone screen

14.          Iphone white screen issue

15.          Screen damaged by hitting or exerting pressure

16.          Battery life problem

What can you do to Repair your iphone Amid the Lockdown?

Try to connect Apple support via the app:

When your device stops working then you are not able to complete any digital activities. In this digital world, you can’t live without this important work. It may be personal or professional. There is an app that Apple launched to give support to their users. In this pandemic you can contact Apple repair experts after telling all issues you can fix your problems potentially.

Contact your local apple repair store:

If your device got damaged and needs repair then you can apply for repair online just you need your Apple ID. Search your local Apple-authorized repair service provider.

Due to pandemics apply for doorstep repair:

 When you are applying for repair in Apple support then their employees come to your home and take it for a few hours or day depending on the damage. This is best for your health.

Try to fix small issues yourself:

if your iphone has some small issues like device detecting, network searching, Wi-Fi connection issue, iphone hangs up on Apple logo, some applications freeze unexpectedly, and many similar issues you can resolve yourself also.

Don’t try to resolve the major issues yourself:

 Sometimes we feel that the issue is minor and try to fix it but during troubleshooting, we find it major so before troubleshooting analysis completely all the issues so that in long run you may not face them any kind of frustration.

Some Important Points to Consider Before Going Repairing Yourself:

 1. If you are out of warranty then only you should try to repair yourself.

2. You should have a proper repair kit. You can order it online after searching on Google. Even you can get some discount on sale also. This kit includes all kinds of tools that you required during the whole troubleshooting process.

3. In the whole process you should have patience because if you doing everything without caution and impatience you may damage more your gadget than earlier.

4. When you buy this toolkit it also includes all the manuals that you need to read. This manual has the complete process of troubleshooting your iphone. It includes hardware and software troubleshooting processes such as broken screen, iPhone XS max screen replacement, battery, charging port, and many more.

5. If you take all steps properly and carefully in the whole process then you will able to save you precious money.

We are hoping that after reading this blog you will truly get the confidence to troubleshoot your iphone amid the corona virus lockdown. All the above tips help you a lot in this situation. If you are fed up with these all-fixing lists then you can come and visit our Esource Parts official website. Last 17 years we have been providing speedy and high-quality service to millions of customers.

As we are the expert in repairing the parts of cell phones and their accessories. We provide so many gadgets battery replacement available such as iphone xs max screen replacement, Google pixel battery replacement, Samsung tablet battery replacement, iPod battery replacement, Nintendo switch battery replacement. We assure you that if you come once you will never disappoint us.

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