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Stop straining your head for new video ideas; you already have a tonne of written content that’s just begging to be turned into attention-getting films! Transform an old blog into an animated video to give it new life. This will make your posts more entertaining for your readers and easier to remember for visual learners. Here’s how to do it.

Converting Blogs to Animated Video in Five Easy Steps

  1. Decide on your material: Choose the video material you want to convert. Articles with clear directions, explanations, facts, or data points should be chosen. If you’re not sure where to start, start with popular blog articles or written pieces that answer your most commonly asked questions. You can make these even more searchable by making them into videos for your website or YouTube channel.
  1. Make a storyboard for your project: You must plan before creating an animated video. Determine which video format is most appropriate – does kinetic typography (moving text) make sense? Is it necessary to create an animated explanation video? Is it better to go with an infographic or a character-based animation? Then, to establish the video’s flow, create a storyboard. Take important ideas from your blog posts and start putting up a scene-by-scene concept for your piece that will guide you as you make your final film.
  1. Choose a design template: Now that you’ve created a strategy and a vision, it’s time to put it into action! Choose a template that is appropriate for the type of video you want to make and has a style that is consistent with your brand. Make sure it’s appropriately formatted for your intended audience: horizontal for desktop viewing or YouTube videos, square for social media platforms, and vertical for Instagram Stories and mobile users.
  1. Create your video by uploading your text: Now, the real fun begins. Include any photos, PowerPoint slides, or charts you desire. Copy and paste material from your blog into the template that best represents your piece’s overall message. Create a recognizable character to star in your animation video. Spend time making sure your animated video’s rhythm and flow are perfect. Your film is almost ready to be seen by the public.
  1. Make your video unique: To transform your animated film from a basic template to a finished, professional-looking visual communication, add the final touches. Make it your own by choosing colours that go well with your brand. Include a watermarked logo and a background soundtrack. Even if you just want to use your movie internally or for a small audience, watermarking it is a good idea since, in today’s digital age, you never know where it will appear — and after all your hard work, you deserve all the credit.

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