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How To Use Grammarly Writing Tool In 2022?

Grammarly is the most popular editor on the internet. It’s a wonderful tool for various forms of writing, from clearing out spelling problems to enhancing your language.

I’ll teach you how to utilise Grammarly on all of your devices and applications in this article. We’ll go through the Grammarly online editor, app, and extensions, as well as everything else.

Grammarly Overview

Grammarly is a free online grammar checker that also takes into account style, tone, and clarity.

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The Grammarly check will catch errors like excessive passive voice, poor wording, and wordy phrases, among other things. It offers real-time text editing recommendations and works on a variety of devices.

The Grammarly editor is far more powerful than Microsoft’s built-in spell-check.

Grammarly does detect faults in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It does, however, assist you in improving your writing style and producing clean, persuasive works.

Furthermore, integrating Grammarly with Word is a breeze. Here’s how you can do it:

Grammarly Settings

Here’s how to use Grammarly in Word now that you’ve installed the software.

To begin, create a new document. The add-in appears instantly after installation.

Look in the top menu for the Grammarly tab. To get real-time suggestions in your Word documents, click the Enable Grammarly option.

The Grammarly sidebar will display when you click the Open Grammarly button. You may define writing objectives here, select the kind of faults the sentence checker should look for, switch the plagiarism checking on and off, and so on.

Usage of Grammarly

Grammarly in Word is quite simple to use. Simply switch on the checker whenever you’re writing something, and recommendations will appear in the sidebar.

You may activate particular checks or receive grammar and style advice. Grammarly just implemented a human proofreading feature. Simply click “Get Expert Writing Help” to place orders from within the add-on.

Grammarly for Word and Outlook does require an Internet connection, but it is otherwise speedy, straightforward, and accurate.

How to Use Grammarly in Google Docs?

Although Google Docs has its own spell-checker, it is far less thorough than Grammarly.

Grammarly for Google Docs was a premium-user-only beta feature until late 2020. It’s now open to everyone, including free and premium customers. Here’s how to get going:


Grammarly does not offer a separate Google Docs software, unlike the Word app. Instead, download the Grammarly Editor for Chrome, which adds suggestions to Google Docs automatically.


Open any Google Docs document once you’ve installed the Chrome extension. The icon may be seen in the bottom right corner.

The Grammarly check is always active, however the suggestions are only visible if you click on the button. From the sidebar, you can also change your text goals.

Look for the bullseye icon in the upper right corner and make modifications that are appropriate for your audience, formality, domain, tone, and intent.


While Grammarly’s spell check works rather well in Google Docs, it is not without flaws. As a long-time user, I’ve found that these issues emerge more frequently here than in the Grammarly online text editor.

I also don’t advocate typing with the sidebar open. The real-time feedback would be excellent if it didn’t cause the entire software to freeze—which happens a lot when the internet connection is unreliable.

Finally, this is a beta version, so expect some difficulties. The Grammage

How to Use Grammarly on Chrome?

The Grammarly Chrome extension gives you access to the majority of Grammarly’s features. Wherever you write online, it proofreads your texts.

It’s the finest grammar checker for enhancing your writing online, from emails to your employer to Facebook postings (more on that later). This is how you can let Grammarly follow you across the web:


Go to the Chrome Web Store and select Extensions to acquire the Grammarly add-on. To find the app listing, type “Grammarly” into the search field.

Open the Grammarly item and click “Add to Chrome” to install it. It will just take a few seconds to complete the procedure, and you will be able to utilise the grammar checker online anywhere.


The Grammarly symbol will appear in the top bar once you’ve installed the extension. To set it up, click on it:

Do you want Grammarly to automatically check your work in Google Docs?

Grammarly will provide you a definition when you double-click any word on any website.

Grammarly will repair any misspelt words automatically if it detects them.

Set up your language preferences—the right grammatical option may differ between American, Australian, and British English.

The premium Grammarly subscription is required to access the definitions and auto spell fixes.

By pressing the bottom left button, you may also start a new document. This opens the app.grammarly online editor and creates a new file for you there.


Grammarly verifies everything you type online using the Chrome plugin.

The English grammar checker will immediately begin examining your text if the field height is more than 38px. Grammarly will only check English texts if you write in several languages.

Find the Assistant symbol on the bottom right and click it to view the mistakes that need to be fixed. The recommendations will be highlighted, with an explanation in the sidebar. Simply click on the correction to accept it.

Is Grammarly compatible with Chrome?

It certainly is.

Grammarly is not a keylogger tool, despite the fact that it examines all text fields. It won’t save any passwords or sensitive information; it’ll only help you improve your writing skills.

How to Use the Grammarly Desktop App?

Grammarly includes a desktop programme in addition to a browser extension and an online grammar checker. Here’s how you obtain it and get started:

To begin, visit and download the app. It’s available for Windows and Mac computers, but there’s no Linux version.

Grammarly will prompt you to download the app for your device. Simply execute the installation process after you’ve downloaded the.exe file, and you’re done.

The auto-installer makes the initial app setup a breeze.

However, there is another great feature of the app:

You may customise your profile with settings and a customizable lexicon in the desktop version. For example, to reduce erroneous suggestions and save time while editing, I customised my Grammarly dictionary to not indicate several foreign terms I use.

The Grammarly native app works in the same way as the Grammarly online editor and browser extension. For premium customers, you may drag and drop your documents for a spelling and grammatical check, as well as style advice.

The application updates itself, ensuring that you always have the most recent version.

How to Use Grammarly on Mobile?

The Grammarly Keyboard app will verify your writing as you enter it on your phone, and it’s completely free to download and use. How to use Grammarly on your phone or tablet is as follows:

Simply download the Grammarly app from the Google Play or App Store to get started. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t take up much room.

The Grammarly login window appears when you initially launch the programme. Enter your credentials if you already have a profile. If not, you may use your email, Google, or Facebook account to join up.

Because Grammarly is a virtual keyboard, choose Add Grammarly Keyboard and turn on the switch next to Grammarly. Then, under Switch Input Methods, choose Grammarly and check the box next to it.

You’re done when you click “Got it.” When you’re writing on the fly, Grammarly will now keep an eye out for you.