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Everything You Must Know About IAS

Each year, around 10 lakh aspirants apply to appear in the UPSC exam. This is enough to depict how important this exam is for Indians especially youngsters who appear in the exam with a whole load of their dreams. This is because the exam opens up doors to the highest respectable posts in Indian civil services.

What is IAS? How can a person become an IAS officer?

Indian Administrative Services or IAS are civil services carried out all over India for better administration.

The UPSC conducts CSAT i.e. Civil Services Aptitude Test to appoint officers for IAS (Indian Administrative Services), IFS (Indian Forest Services) and IPS (Indian Police Services). This means to be selected as an IAS, IFS or IPS officer, it is mandatory for an individual to appear in the Civil Services Aptitude Test.

In order to be selected as an IAS officer, one must first clear the Civil Services Aptitude Test.

What is the pattern for the IAS exam? Who is eligible to appear in it?

As the exam for all the three main sections falling under Indian Civil Services is the same, when we talk about the IAS exam pattern it is also applicable for IFS and IPS as well. In other words, it will be the pattern of the CSAT exam conducted for all the above services.

The CSAT is conducted in three stages:


(A qualifying stage based on objective questions.)


(Includes a series of nine qualifying and merit-based papers. Includes both subjective and objective based questions.)


(Personality of an individual is put to test during the interview. This enables the interview committee to decide the capability of the individual and his/her sincerity to render the service.)

It is essential to clear one stage to be eligible to appear in the other. This implies that you can only appear in the mains level after clearing the preliminary level and the interview session will only be conducted after you clear the mains level. Also, cleaning the interview does not get you appointed as an IAS officer. You might be appointed as an IAS, IFS or IPS and sent for further training. This decision of whether you will be selected as an IAS, IFS or IPS depends on your performance in prelims, mains and the interview altogether.

As far as the eligibility is concerned, any individual with a Degree in Graduation, irrespective of the field is eligible to appear in the UPSC examination up to 32 years of age for general and economically weaker sections. However, some special sections have been given relaxation. OBCs have been given a relaxation of 3 years. SCs/STs have been given a relaxation of 5 years and physically disabled candidates have been given a relaxation of 10 years. Hence, they are eligible to appear in the exam up to the age of 35, 37 and 42 years respectively.

As per the UPSC guidelines, an individual from the general or economically weaker sections of the society, OBCs, SCs/STs can attempt the CSAT 6, 9 and as many times as they can up to their age of eligibility respectively. Additionally, physically disabled people from the general or OBCs category can attempt the exam 9 times while SCs/STs can attempt as many times as they can up to the eligible age.

There is no way to be sure of being an IAS officer after you clear the CSAT. You might be selected as an IFS or IPS. Therefore, if you aspire to become an IAS officer, it is important to have a specific approach while attempting the CSAT. This can only be done with proper guidance. Hence, coaching institutes come into play. The Divine IAS coaching in chandigarh is one such IAS coaching institute in Chandigarh that looks up to the expectations of students. 

At Divine IAS coaching, the different aspirations of each individual are understood and taken into consideration. The students are then guided by the extremely reliable faculty including retired Army officials, renowned people from the field etc. This makes it the best IAS coaching institute in Chandigarh.

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