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The Importance of Practising The NEET Test Series

If you don’t know, NEET is a national level entrance exam that is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Every year countless students attempt this test to secure their future in the medical field. So getting your name on the ranking list is not a piece of cake. Brilliant students from all around the nation give their best in the exam but most of them fail to be on the list. To be on the NEET 2020 list there are some basic steps apart from completing the syllabus to rank on this exam. And we are here to tell you about the easiest and the most helpful tip that can help you with NEET.

There are many ways to rank on a competitive exam- studying notebooks, focusing on self-notes, building a study management table, getting tips from the toppers and previously attempted students and so on. But the most helpful one in them is to practice the test series.

What is a test series?

A test series is the collaboration of sample questions that helps you to get familiar with the NEET exam. The test series are very helpful to make you understand what to expect from this all India board exam. To know the significance of these mock tests better we have listed some pointers here.

Why should you practice a mock test?

Familiarization- solving a mock test will give you a real-time solving situation. When you are in an examination hall it is very common to lose your cool and get nervous to answer the questions, but if you practice with a test series that won’t happen. In short, it will help you with your exam anxiety. 

Planning- Because you will know every detail about the questions you can easily plan your strategies to answer each of them. You will also know which question is more important. That way you can answer that question at the beginning to manage your exam time. 

Measure your performance- The sole motive of these test papers is to help you with your performance at the entrance exams and that is exactly what you should aim for. You should take one mock test per week to witness your performance growth.

Accuracy and Speed- Now that you have covered the planning section you can focus on the speed. In NEET 2020 you would only get 3 hours to answer 180 questions, so you will need to be fast to answer each of the questions and also manage some time to revise your answers. You will be given 1 minute to solve a question and that is why you will have to work on your speed to go with the period of NEET. Not only speed you can also correct your accuracy rate with the test series. It is very important to get your answer right in this test because every wrong answer will cut 1 mark. 

Acclimatize with NEET- Getting the hold of the NEET examination pattern is immensely helpful when you are aiming for excellence. Constantly practicing the sample question papers will give you the opportunity to know the question pattern that changes often. So, you will be prepared for every situation. There are many tricky questions in the test papers just like there will be in the real-time exam.

Key Advantages of Solving Test Papers:-

  • It is very important to be thorough with the syllabus if you are attempting competitive exams. And with the test papers, you can revise the whole syllabus by solving questions.
  • With the Vedantu NEET Test Series, you can easily see the benchmark of your performance and also get to know about your weak points.
  • These papers are a road-map to the real exam, thus you can create strategies and ease your nervousness.
  • You can become faster by solving these papers and also improve your accuracy.

Mock tests are the best way to improve your performance in the exam and that is why we suggest you take as many mock tests or solve as many sample question papers as you may. The biggest plus point of this method is that sometimes you can get repeated questions in your NEET exam. Therefore, make sure to include test papers in your study routine.

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