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12 Ingenious Ideas For a Clutter-Free Home

Do you want your home to be clutter-free? It’s the same for most people. With a few solutions like an end of bed blanket storage rack, a clutter-free home can be yours. However, you may find it difficult to change an environment where piles of clutter are everywhere. The little habits you make to stay clutter-free don’t feel like chores once you’ve gotten used to them; they simply become part of your daily routine. These tips will help you get started on the road to a clutter-free home.

Tips For a Clutter-Free Home 

Below are some ingenious tips that you can follow to make your room look neat and clean. 

Keep Clutter Out Using Bins

You can prevent something from happening by stopping it before it begins. Hoarding clutter is an example of this. Storage tubs and baskets are great for organizing everyday clutter that you actually need and use. Stick with one color and shape for opaque bins; translucent plastic ones look messy. Place them neatly lined up or stacked where you need them and label them.

Add Hooks At the Back of the Doors

Make use of the back sides of closet and cabinet doors by outfitting them with hooks and containers. For example, you can keep dishwashing tools hidden inside a lower cabinet door to keep your sink area clutter-free. Make your entry more organized by hanging baskets for gloves and hats inside the coat closet door, and store notebooks and supplies inside the craft room door.

Keep Seasonal Extras Under the Bed

Flip-flops and winter coats should not take up valuable shelf or storage space when not in use. You should keep them under your bed rather than in plain sight. Consider trundle beds with drawers for stashing sweaters, shoes, and coats. Choose decorative containers or baskets that match the platform bed and are pretty enough to display.

Make Use of Wall Space

You may often use bedrooms to store oddly shaped items, such as hats, purses, and bags, that might not fit neatly on shelves. These accessories tend to be forgotten and unused when not stored properly. Adding a series of hooks to a wall for storage and decor can help you better evaluate and store what you have.

Make the Room Surfaces Clutter-Free

Cleaning out your closets and drawers isn’t the only part of decluttering. Creating a serene, restful bedroom requires decluttering visible surfaces, such as shelves and tabletops. To do so, you’ll need to pare down items on display and find better storage solutions for pieces that tend to clutter, like keys, wallets, and jewelry.

Install Racks and Holders

One way to keep your room clutter-free is to install a rack and quilt holder that will help you keep your blankets and sheets together. As a result, the room will appear more organized, and there will be less chance of a mess being created. In the bathroom, racks can be useful for keeping things like shampoo bottles and face wash. 

Utilize Ceiling Space

Unexpected storage space can often be found in out-of-the-way areas to help declutter the bedroom. A closet’s ceiling space, for example, is a good place for smart decluttering. Organize children’s clothes and off-season items in clear containers, then label them to make it easy to identify what they are.

Clean Your Dressers

Closets tend to get a lot of love and attention when it comes to decluttering, but dressers can quickly gather mismatched socks, worn-out T-shirts, and more. You should clean the inside of your dresser with a dust cloth at least once a season. Next, organize your storage space by function or type, for example, all your socks in one drawer. Put a narrow bin inside each drawer to corral work socks and another for athletic socks to organize items further. Finally, roll your T-shirts so you can find the ones you need quickly without hunting for them. This is another great way to add storage space and stay organized.

Open Up Floor Space By Rearranging the Furniture

Having bulky furniture in the bedroom can contribute to a cluttered feeling. You can create a more open look by removing furniture pieces from the floor and replacing them with vertical storage solutions. For example, you can mount floating shelves next to your bed.

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Buy Some Pretty and Unique Containers

Make your bedroom more space-efficient by organizing loose items in pretty containers. Make use of small, lidded boxes in various sizes and place them on top of dressers or grooming spaces. You can keep your personal items organized while they declutter and decorate surfaces.

Shop a Multipurpose Nightstand

The square footage of bedrooms has limits, so you may find it challenging to get a piece that fits and functions well. Decluttering your bedroom is easier if you choose a nightstand that is multi-functional. For storage and good surface space, choose a midsize dresser with plenty of drawers.

Make a Wardrobe Wall

The addition of a wardrobe wall to your bedroom is an excellent alternative to a full walk-in closet remodel. You can build a wardrobe with an opening out of the wall. You can also install moveable pieces that offer ample storage and organization. In addition, the wardrobe wall can be enclosed with a curtain instead of a door if you want to save square footage.

Closing Words

Your bedroom should have enough storage if you are setting up your interiors. As a result, you will find it easier to keep your room clean and organized. Add multipurpose furniture because it will make the room look bigger and more spacious. Try to fit drawer dividers to make the drawers look organized.