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Embed Instagram Feed On Website – Different Ways To Do It

Embedding Instagram feeds on websites has become a popular trend among the brands & marketers especially as the digital media influence is rising over the audience.

The social media platforms are expanding their functionalities to satisfy diverse needs for users be it exploring content or communication or even shopping in recent times.

Therefore, it has become essential for the brands to leverage social media and grow their digital presence i.e. website. Displaying an Instagram feed on a website is a way to do so & boost website performance.

What Is An Instagram Feed & How Does It Benefit Your Business?

An Instagram feed is a feed of content that has been collected and curated from Instagram using hashtags, handles, tags, etc. and can be embedded into a website.

Instagram is an extremely powerful and popular social media platform with over a billion active users and the best user engagement rate among the social platforms.

Instagram provides the component which is most important for any website i.e. engaging content. So, displaying Instagram feed on website opens the door to many growth opportunities like:

  • Build trust with user-generated content
  • Display an interactive hub of amazing visual content
  • Highlight brand advocacy & positive experiences
  • Increase user engagement, interaction, & dwell time
  • Boost SEO performance, ranking, and organic traffic
  • Grow possibilities of conversions & sales

Given these benefits and many more opportunities, it is imperative that you leverage the opportunity to embed Instagram feed on website.

So, here we have listed some of the best ways to create & display an Instagram feed on a website easily.

Different Ways To Display Instagram Feed On Website

1. Instagram Feed Widget

This is probably the best way to integrate Instagram feed on a website. The Instagram feed widget will help you in creating an attractive & interesting Instagram feed.

Widget like Taggbox can help you to curate content from Instagram using hashtags, handles, tags, mentions, etc. into a feed. You can embed that feed on your website in minutes be it HTML website or WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, etc.

The tool offers great customizations with different feed themes, layouts, designs, colors, fonts, banners, etc. You get real-time automatic content updates to the feed, Also, you can enable content moderation to maintain superlative content quality on feed.

Instagram feed widget is an interactive tool where you can explore features like UGC rights management, measuring performance through analytics, responsive designs, CTA buttons, unlimited scrolls, unlimited views, announcements, etc.

The best part is that widget tools like Taggbox Instagram feed widget are free to use and easy to integrate.

2. WordPress Instagram Plugin

WordPress is a website CMS that has a hub of millions of plugins using which you can integrate limitless functionalities and features to your website. Similarly, they also have plugins for Instagram feed as well.

Plugins like SmashBalloon offer you the functionality to create and integrate Instagram feed to your website along with integration of many other social media platforms as well.

The plugin offers you the ability to choose what content you want to show on your feed and what you want to hide with its advanced filtering option. Also, you can customize your feed with beautiful and creative elements like colors, layouts, themes, design components, etc.

Along with this you can add call to action buttons for social sharing, enable updates to feed, add custom posts, enable scrolling possibilities, etc. The tool is extremely easy to use and simple along with great scalable options but the downside is that it is only compatible with WordPress websites.

3. Embed From Instagram Directly

 What can be better than embedding the content directly from Instagram to your website without any extra efforts. Instagram is a features-loaded platform and it allows you to embed content to your website as well.

The downside to this is that you can only embed a single Instagram post at time rather than embedding the whole feed of content so this makes it less interactive, diverse, and non-engaging.

Still if you wish to use this method to embed Instagram content then you have to login to your account using laptop or desktop. Then go to the post you want to embed, click on the menu option and you will see an option to embed the post.

Choose that option and you will be given a post code that you embed in your website HTML. It is a great way to display one unique post on a website and even if that gets deleted from Instagram, it will be removed from your website as well.

4. Capture & Display

Not as fancy as the name sounds but this is the most simple and easy way to show Instagram content on a website where you just have to take a screenshot or record screen & display it as images or video on your website.

This is an excellent way to show posts where your brand or business has been mentioned by the experts, influencers or users. You can use this to capture stories as well and keep it forever with you.

But the downside is that it is static with no interactive or creative elements that might lead to negative outcome or user experience. Also, it will not be as responsive as the other options mentioned above.

You can use this option to collect multiple photos and create a collage of that and display it on your website as one image or element that will not affect your responsiveness or user experience.


These are the 4 best ways to create and display Instagram feed on your website and you can choose the most suitable option depending upon your requirements & goals.

So, get started with it and leverage the power of Instagram’s content to drive your website results & ROI.

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