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Homeowners: You Don’t Have To Skip Insurance When Hiring Snow Removal Services

In the winter season, every homeowner must need the service of a snow removal company. However, it is good to know that some risks are attached to hiring snow removal services. For this reason, you must consider insurance before signing the contract with your local professional contractor. Hiring a snow removal contractor without insurance will lead you to unnecessary spending on repair if anything goes wrong. 

Why Consider Insurance Before Hiring Snow Removal Services?

Snow removal is a delicate job that needs professionals to handle. As homeowners, we do not expect you to start shovelling snow yourself. You could end up encountering injuries or some other serious accidents. Even professionals often encounter accidents when the condition is icy and slippery. Who would you hold responsible if any of the snow removal workers you hired slipped and fell on your driveway or caused damage to your property? This is why it is vital to have the right insurance for your property, and the snow company also needs to be insured. This would give you coverage for potential damages.

Ensure You and Your Contractor Are Protected

These are recommended things to do to ensure that your and your snow service provider are protected:

Request for a Copy of Their Certificate of Insurance

When you get hold of their Certificate of Insurance, confirm these two types of coverage:

  • Check for liability insurance that covers property damages and injuries caused by snow service workers.
  • Check for workers’ comp insurance. This coverage helps pay injured workers who lost wages and their medical services. 

If the snow service you are about to hire cannot show proof of these, do not hire them.

Confirm that the Snow Service is Bonded

Being bonded means that you, the homeowner, are protected if the snow removal company fails to complete the job or meet any financial obligations. Any of these financial obligations could be not paying for damages caused by their workers to your property. Ask for their bond number and certification to verify if the snow service contractor is bonded. Also, ensure that the information is current.

Keep a Copy of Your Contract

It is recommended that you keep a copy of all paperwork. This paperwork includes the contract, proof of licensing, if necessary, proof of payment, invoices, letters, emails and texts that show proof of the transaction between the two parties. Any situation could spring up that would warrant you to show all this proof. Always work smart and be open to your contractors.


Create no room for surprises. In addition, you have to ensure that snow removal services come with their equipment. If you lend them your equipment, you assume the responsibility to ensure the tool is in a safe condition, right for the job and any blame that results from using the equipment. Do not, for any reason, skip insurance when dealing with contractors. This would save you from any form of unnecessary spending. In any project, always ensure that you check your contractor’s insurance before going into any agreement.