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Homeowners’ Digest: Understand Common Misconceptions About Furnace and Air Conditioner

Many homeowners are often amazed that their heating and cooling systems are linked. An efficient cooling system positively affects the furnace and air conditioner. To make the best choice of HVAC installation and maintenance program for your home, you must understand how the furnace and air conditioner work together. This will help you manage the home’s comfort to your best taste. 

How Do the Furnace and Air Conditioner Work Together?

Explaining that air conditioners and furnaces work together and separately may sound confusing. The AC part of the HVAC system chills the refrigerant. While the furnace functions inside the fans and coils. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit sends air throughout the home, giving you the necessary heating or cooling. 

Can the Air Conditioner Function Without A Furnace?

Every home has an HVAC system that will work best in it. Based on the climatic conditions of your home’s location, your home may require a furnace without AC or vice versa. Homeowners living in warmer locations may decide to install air conditioners. The AC is installed on a window or wall opening in this system. This is possible because homes in warmer climates do not require a furnace to stay warm. Therefore, an affordable AC or mini-split AC is preferred. 

On the other hand, some home depends only on heat generating systems that function separately from AC units. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of these two heating and cooling systems would help you know the most efficient for your home.

Do Furnace and Heat Pumps Function the Same?

Heat pumps are often used as an energy-efficient option instead of furnaces and AC in an average climate with no harsh weather. According to experts, heat pump systems can cut down the usage of electricity for heating by 50%. This is far better than baseboard heaters and furnaces.

Do I Have a Heat Pump or Air Conditioner?

Heat pumps and AC look the same. So, it could be unclear for users to know the exact one in their homes. Check the indoor air handler or condenser labels to know what heating and cooling system are in your home. Also, you would know if you are using a heat pump, if there is a reversing valve inside the condenser or if your external unit turns on anytime you put on the heat.

Do I Replace My AC and Furnace Together?

It is not compulsory to replace your AC together with your furnace. However, in some cases, it is advised to do so. This is because of the energy savings and efficiency you would benefit from having two functional systems. If any of these two is not functioning correctly, it could lead to discomfort, a raise in the energy bill, and efficiency losses. Investing in the proper heating and cooling equipment can save money and energy. 


When you get your furnace and air conditioner from a registered seller, you will have a maximum guarantee that the unit will last and give optimum performance. You will experience lesser breakdowns and reduced energy bills. Always ensure you get a qualified technician to maintain and check your heating and cooling regularly.