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How can you establish brand awareness?

Do you ask for a dot pen or gel pen when you need a pen?  Do you ask for a band aid or a plastic bandage when you cut yourself?

These terms are known as eponyms, and they are used for building brand awareness. Some well-known brands have become so popular that they have managed to replace the generic terms for similar products in our language.

The proprietary eponym for products or brands is the pinnacle of brand awareness. There is no headache if your small business could not skillfully create brand awareness strategy because there are many other ways through which you can spread your brand awareness.

In this blog, Esspesoft will give some ideas for brand awareness through digital marketing.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is the logo or the name that is recognized by the potential customers and which is associated with a particular service or product. It is the ability of customers who can identify your brand by its attributes.

For small businesses, the big achievement may not be gained but there are other ways to let audiences aware of your brand.

How to establish Brand Awareness

When you have a small business, these are the tactics you can put into use, for building and establishing your brand awareness.

Sponsor local events

If you help local events to get known, your brand will also get known. Hence, sponsoring local events will help your brand earn a name, that will eventually get spread among audiences and will lead to potential buyers.

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Run display ads on Google Display Network

Running ads without any experienced help will waste your, time, money, and effort. With no experience, you will just have audiences overlook your ads. But if you take the help of Google Display Network, you will be known by the audiences and will gain buyers, as Google is one the most reliable platform, believed to deliver the right and authentic brands.

Consistency on the social media page

If you own a brand, no matter if it is small or large. You must have a social media page on that brand’s name. People are more active on social media than they are in real life. Whatever they see on social media, gets appreciation, it is quite likely for them to purchase and remember the brand’s product. Hence, be active on social media.

Create a custom hashtag on Instagram

Digital marketing experts always suggest putting hashtags after you post content or an image. Making a custom hashtag will help your brand get noticed, and your buyers will easily find you in case they did not save your post on Instagram. Not only that but it will be easy to tag your brand and spread the word in the community.

Types Of Brand Awareness

  • Brand recognition

Brand recognition is something that that helps the customer stay loyal to the brand and is also very beneficial for the brand itself. For example, when a customer is asked to recognize your well-known brand, they will within seconds, that is called brand recognition.

  • Top of mind

Top-of-mind branding is very common among customers and is easy to understand. For example, if your customer has been asked “what is your favorite moisturizing cream in winter?” the first brand name they come up with is called top-of-mind. 

  • Visual branding

Visual branding is interesting and humorous sometimes, it is when the customers identify your brand from it;’s visual symbols, advertisements, colors, packaging, and brand name. It has happened many a time where the customers have bought a brand by getting attracted to the packaging but later could not recall the brand. hence, visual branding is necessary when brand awareness is your goal.

  • Brand dominance

Brand dominance is very obvious, as some brands have their way of staying as a fresh memory inside the mind of potential customers. When customers cannot recall any other brand but yours for a particular product category, that is called brand dominance.

  • Brand recall

Unaided recall of a brand is always given to a particular category of products. Furthermore, customers can name 1-5 brands for a broad product category such as airlines.


There you go with how to spread brand awareness and establish it even when your business is small. The best digital marketing company in Kolkata, Esspesoft brings you the opportunity to get your brand to fly high.