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Derby vs Oxford | What is the difference? – Barker

You might be aware that the classic mens leather shoes, Oxfords and Derbies, have some key distinctions, but you might not know what those distinctions are. Not to worry, we have compiled a list of distinctions between oxfords and derby shoes and have also examined which one would be most appropriate for you given your needs and preferences. 

With this post, you’ll be able to buy these mens leather shoes with greater confidence and never confuse the two kinds.

What are Oxfords?

Oxfords are a traditional and fashionable component to any person’s wardrobe. Brown oxford shoes can simply be utilized to finish any outfit with a formal look or a more casual one because these mens leather shoes maintain the clean and classic style. Brown oxford shoes are typically tied with buttons, laces, or elastic gores due to their open front and closed lacing. Oxford trousers, which were stylish enough for college students to wear but durable enough for farmers and cyclists as well, inspired the name of the Oxford.

What are Derbies?

From the middle to the end of the 19th century, derby shoes were among the most common styles of mens leather shoes. These shoes from Barker shoes are distinguished by having closed lacing and one-piece uppers. Originally intended for men, Derby shoes eventually gained favor as acceptable women’s footwear in the 1880s and ’90s. As a result, they took the place of overshoes of all kinds and buttoned boots.

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What is the difference?

The lace pattern is the key distinction between a pair of Brown oxford shoes and Derby shoes. Brown oxford shoes from Barker shoes feature a closed lacing system, whilst Derby shoes from Barker shoes have an open lacing system for males. This is the easiest and most direct way to explain the character of these mens leather shoes.

Is that the only distinction between these two mens leather shoes? No, the lacing piece’s stitching style is not the only difference; nevertheless, all of the differences stem from the aforementioned attribute.

Oxfords are often formal

The most common use for oxfords is as formal footwear with a sprinkle of style and class. Derby shoes from Barker shoes can also be worn with professional attire like suits and pants. When you dress them with various outfits, the difference becomes apparent. Jeans and derbies can be combined for a semi-formal appearance. But a sharp suit makes Brown oxford shoes from Barker shoes shine the brightest.

Derbies are versatile

Brown oxford shoes are more formal, whereas derbies from Barker shoes are more casual and adaptable. You can wear them with both official and casual attire, and these mens leather shoes will offer you a fashionable appearance overall. Brown oxford shoes can become somewhat limited in terms of clothing choices.

Derby shoes fit Better

Barker shoes derbies are more suited to persons with narrower or broader feet since the lacing mechanism allows the shoes to tighten and loosen as needed. The broader space enables the lacing to be tighter.


Overall, Brown oxford shoes are more attractive and formal, while Derby shoes are more versatile because these mens leather shoes can be worn throughout the year, especially in the summer. You won’t have to stress about choosing one when working with Barker Shoes. Barker shoes have a luxurious range of flawlessly crafted Brown oxford shoes, Derby shoes, and many other mens leather shoes in a variety of vibrant colors.