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Why LinkedIn Is a Great Platform For Lead Generation?

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LinkedIn Lead Extractor

What is the biggest challenge faced by any marketer, business owner, or freelancer?

Everyone wants to collect quality leads data for marketing purposes that can be converted into faithful customers.

There are many new lead generation resources and techniques that have come with the advent of the internet and digital marketing. LinkedIn is the most used social media platform to collect data for marketing purposes. LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites to look for sales leads. It is not surprising that LinkedIn has attracted more than 750 million users from 200 countries around the globe. 82% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing.

Find And Generate Leads From LinkedIn Automatically With LinkedIn Data Scraper

This happens because LinkedIn is mostly used by professionals, top-level influencers, decision-makers, and industry thought leaders. It helps you to search and find your targeted prospects easily by keywords. But, to build prospect lists, you need to manually export LinkedIn search results to Excel. You can no longer rely solely on old tactics such as hiring staff or collecting it manually.

Then, what should you do?

Instead, you should try LinkedIn Lead Automation Tools such as LinkedIn Lead Extractor to find and collect leads data from LinkedIn automatically.

This blog post will help you to learn how you can find and generate leads from LinkedIn in 3 simple steps.

How To Generate Leads From LinkedIn Automatically?

LinkedIn is a directory of business contacts. Most of the salespersons and leads experts spend a lot of their time & effort building b2b lead lists, prospect lists, business mailing lists, email marketing lists, and cold calling lists. Before contact with the prospect, you need to manually copy-paste the data from LinkedIn profile to Excel. You have to copy every single detail from a LinkedIn profile and paste them into your excel spreadsheet or database. Building such lists helps a lot to run a successful marketing campaign and can boost your business rapidly but it is a time-consuming and tiresome task for busy sales professionals. This is where a LinkedIn lead generation tool such as LinkedIn Lead Extractor comes in handy.

Extract & Export Leads Data From LinkedIn To Excel In 3 Steps With LinkedIn Lead Extractor

LinkedIn Leads Extractor helps you to extract and export data from LinkedIn profiles to excel in 3 simple steps – Search, Extract & Export..

  • Go to LinkedIn and search for your target audience by keywords and locations.
  • The search results are displayed. Now, select the search results.
  • Click on the Extract button on the LinkedIn Lead Extractor to extract data from LinkedIn. LinkedIn profile extractor instantly extracts data from selected LinkedIn profiles. This option (Extract Data) enables you to instantly extract the targeted leads data from LinkedIn search results to the LinkedIn Email Extractor grid.
  • Another option is, click the Export button on the LinkedIn Contact Extractor toolbar. The extracted contacts from the LinkedIn search results are transferred to the Excel spreadsheet in no time.

With LinkedIn Email Finder, exporting data from LinkedIn search results to excel is a breeze. It helps you to save a lot of your time and energy and spend more time speaking with your prospects.

LinkedIn Leads Scraper captures the prospect name, location, email ID, phone number, website link, and other contact details from a LinkedIn profile and transfers them into an Excel spreadsheet or your database. Everyone can use it easily even if he is a programmer or a beginner.

Try LinkedIn Leads Grabber to export sales leads & contacts from LinkedIn to Excel or CSV in a single click.

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