Is steam cleaning good for carpets?

The carpet provides comfort and gives the feeling of warmth. It increases the beauty of your décor. Carpets are made up of different fabrics and patterns. The maintenance of carpet increases its durability. Ignoring its maintenance can do a lot of damage to the carpet. Do you know? Carpet cleaning services are as high as 400$ in Australia. So, if you are spending a large amount, you must be aware of the processes involved in carpet cleaning.

There are different types of carpet cleaning methods. The most prominent ones are steam cleaning and dry cleaning. In this article, we will give you an overview of both techniques.

Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is an old-fashioned technique in the carpet industry. It has been there since the 1980s. It is extremely popular and has received applause. The unique selling point of dry cleaning is convenience and speed. The highlight of dry cleaning is the application of cleaning compounds into the lowest part of the carpet. A motorized rotating brush machine opens up the carpet fibres that enable the cleaning compound to settle inside them. The cleaning powder is generally made up of biodegradable materials. These materials can easily absorb dirt and stains.

Dry cleaning works well with all types of carpets. It is generally done in offices. The dry cleaning does not cause any disruptions. Hence, it does not cause any disturbance.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning has another name i.e. hot water extraction. In steam cleaning, water is stored in a hot and pressurized environment. Steam cleaning machines shoot extremely hot and pressurize water into the carpet fabrics. It sucks the dirt from the carpets. The combination of heat and pressure removes bacteria and toxins from the carpet fibres. It is capable of removing deeply embedded dirt and stains. It is a time-consuming process. It deeply cleanses the carpets. You can check out some carpet cleaning companies for steam cleaning.

Why Steam cleaning is the most reliable method?

Steam cleaning gives superior results to any other technique. Along with bacteria elimination, it takes good care of air quality. It ensures that the bacteria do not become airborne and get trapped inside the steam cleaning machine. Steam cleaning injects highly pressurized hot water into the carpets.

It removes dirt and washes the carpet deeply. Dry cleaning is just like wiping, it cannot eliminate the debris present deep inside the carpet. Dry cleaning only focuses on the uppermost surface. It relies on agitation to break the bond between soil and carpet. Heat is a great sanitiser as well. Hence, it makes the carpet safe to use for children and pets.

A huge advantage of hiring professionals for steam cleaning jobs is that they can quickly dry the carpet. Without using the proper techniques, it can take days for the carpet to dry down. Carpet cleaning experts specialize in the steam cleaning process in the entire Victoria. The hot water extraction ensures minimal use of water. The carpet cleaning machines have extremely strong suction to suck the dirt out. Hot water speeds up the evaporation process.

Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly method. It is sustainable. It is dependent on water. Hence, it does not need to rely upon the chemicals. It protects your children from harmful chemicals. They can safely move around the carpet. It reduces the number of chemicals poured into the drains. Cleaning your tiles, rooftops through steam cleaning can eliminate chemical residues from your home. Thus, it makes your home environment safer and cleaner.

It is the most effective method against pet odor. Having pets should not make your house smell like a zoo. Hence, carpet cleaning is a must in homes sheltering pets. Using steam cleaning eliminates pet odor and keeps your pets happier and safer. It kills fleas and their eggs so the pets do not face itching problems.

Steam cleaning has proven to be effective for prolonging the life of carpets. It can give renovate your carpets. The stubborn stains can be easily eliminated with steam cleaning techniques. If you are worried about the increasing number of insects and bacteria in carpets, then you should opt for steam cleaning. It removes dust mites and allergens easily. The only downside is that it is time-consuming. So, if you are in a hurry then opt-out for dry cleaning. But the positives outweigh the negatives.

By advocating steam cleaning, we are not downgrading other methods. Every technique has certain advantages. As mentioned earlier, dry cleaning saves time and is useful in emergencies. Another method, which we have not talked about, is Encapsulation technology. Encapsulation can remove the soil trapped inside the carpet fibers. But the downside is that it leaves a lot of foam. Hence, the steam cleaning method is the clear winner in terms of deep cleaning, dynamic range, and health safety guidelines.

Author Bio: Jennifer is an editor and author at Elite Carpet Care. Elite Carpet Care is a team of cleaning professionals in Melbourne, Australia.

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