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Everything You Need to Know About HIPAA Compliant Chat App


With the rise of cyber attacks on hospitals’ data, it is essential to implement a secure messaging app that complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA-compliant chat app enables doctors to communicate in depth with one another and with organizations that must exchange healthcare information. With the security of patient data as a top priority, organizations and doctors must find a secure chat tool that allows them to chat with hospitals, doctors, and patients from anywhere. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the features and benefits of using a HIPAA compliant texting app API and also provide tips on how to develop a HIPAA-Compliant Chat App. Whether you’re a doctor looking for a secure messaging platform, or an employee who needs to communicate health information securely, this blog post has everything you need to know.

What is HIPAA compliant chat app?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a federal law of the USA enacted in 1996, lays out guidelines for disclosing and safeguarding private health information. It applies to businesses that support service providers in managing and storing data and to the collection of personal healthcare information (PHI), paper and electronic records, in clinics, hospitals, and now via digital channels where healthcare services are provided. HIPAA medical chat app (with secured telehealth API) is founded on two fundamental principles of patient care: confidentiality and privacy.

This type of healthcare messaging app can be integrated into the healthcare system and allows patients to readily communicate with their healthcare providers securely.

PHI: It is an acronym that stands for electronically processed records (ePHI) that refer to an individual’s personal data, which is protected health information under HIPAA. It must contain one of the 18 identifiers covered by the HIPAA Privacy Rule, such as the name, dates, biometrics, accounts, billing information, insurance information, etc.

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging

Major digital transformations are taking place in the healthcare sector. Patients are increasingly gravitating toward healthcare providers who provide digital capabilities such as self-scheduling, in-app reminders, and chat assistance. To enable digital healthcare communication while remaining compliant with important data privacy regulations, HIPAA-compliant app secure messaging is required.

What exactly is HIPAA-compliant messaging?

In a nutshell, HIPAA-compliant chat API messaging is instant messaging that adheres to HIPAA regulations. HIPAA Security applies to healthcare providers, insurance companies, and health technology companies. Its functionality specifies how patient health information should be safeguarded and managed.

A major benefit of such healthcare messaging solutions is that it allows doctors to keep track of their patient’s health histories and current information, such as weight, vital signs, and other medical data. The app also allows patients to store their personal and medical information on their smartphones so they can access it from any location.

Secure Messaging for Healthcare Industry & doctors

Secure messaging for the healthcare industry and doctors is an essential tool that can help keep confidential information secure. This technology has many benefits, including the ability to send patient records without risk of data breaches, simplifying communication between physicians and patients, reducing medication errors, enhancing chart review processes, and increasing efficiency in hospital operations.

One of the most popular Secure Messaging solutions is HIPAA-compliant email. Email allows for encrypted messages that are protected by SSLv3 encryption (the highest level of security). It provides a two-factor authentication feature that helps to ensure message integrity. Another great solution is electronic health record (EHR) systems. These systems allow providers to securely exchange clinical data with other clinicians or research teams across borders or institutions without exposing PHI (protected health information).

What Features to Consider for HIPAA Chat APP?

To protect your healthcare data, there are a variety of features that you may want to consider when selecting a HIPAA chat app. There are a few features you should consider when designing your own HIPAA Chat APP, such as the ability to encrypt chats, keep track of users’ messages and conversations, and provide user profiles so that patients or caregivers can easily identify each other. Here some of the features are described below:

·         Chat Support:

It is important to offer universal chat support for all devices and browsers so that both patients and caregivers can engage in informal conversations regardless of their location or device.

·         Protected user profiles:

These allow users to share specific health information with others while still ensuring privacy since only allowed people can view this information.

·         Encrypted communication:

It ensures that all communications are secured from eavesdroppers and unauthorized access or alteration of data is prevented.

·         Storing files offline:

It allows patients who have mobile devices to continue working on their treatment plans even if they’re not connected to the internet.

·         Third-party applications:

Such as the HIPAA chat application, an organization can always stay in touch with its clients, keep them up to date on special offers, and take care of urgent requests.

·         Text messages:

First, person-to-person consultations help physicians and patients diagnose each other. Also, cross-clinical communication takes place via group messaging.

·         Chat history:

Messages should be readily available at all times for both chat participants to revise prescriptions, suggestions, or any other health-related issues. It is preferable to include an option to edit or delete the message, along with a notification of changes.

·         Notifications:

They assist in ‘patient-to-doctor’ communication with secured telehealth API by informing about an expected message delivery so that vital information is not missed.

When looking for a HIPAA chat app, be sure to evaluate each feature carefully, for it meets your needs and expectations as a healthcare customer advocate.

How we Develop HIPAA-Compliant Chat App?

Before developing a HIPAA-compliant chat app, you can conduct a risk assessment to determine what safety and privacy shortfalls may need to be filled in to ensure compliance. A HIPAA compliance checklist can help you speed up the process. Next, you can look into some of the recommended safeguards, such as encryption, that you should put in place to ensure the protection of the PHI. Then, you can consider what kind of app you want to create and for whom. Many types of telehealth apps can include chat functionality. These are some examples:

  • Interactive apps
  • Remote patient monitoring apps
  • Click-and-send apps

CONTUS MirrorFly – Secure Messaging For Healthcare Industry

CONTUS Mirrorfly is an in-app communication API & SDK provider that offers a secure communication platform for the healthcare industry. With Mirrorfly’s in-app chat api, it ensures an instant real-time connection between Doctors and Patients. You can also make medical record sharing as easy as possible within healthcare organizations during life-saving situations. This innovative solution allows healthcare organizations to send and receive messages securely while offering an enhanced user experience. Some of its features include

  • Improved Doctor-Patient Collaboration
  • Quick Access to Medical Treatment
  • Consistent Tracking of Medical Reports


The healthcare industry is one of the most sensitive and regulated in the world. To ensure patient safety and privacy, doctors communicate using secure messaging platforms. HIPAA Chat App is one such platform that meets all HIPAA compliance requirements and has encrypted messaging, user profiles, and several other features that make it ideal for doctors to use. Doctors can communicate safely and securely with one another using the HIPAA Chat App API, ensuring patient confidentiality at all times. If you want to learn more about how HIPAA Chat App can help your healthcare organization, be sure to read our blog post. Have a question? Talk to our experts!