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Lab Grown Diamond Earring: Points to Assist You to Decide

After natural diamonds came into existence and their demand rose with a leap. There was a need to have enough diamonds to suffice the demand. Due to the huge gap in the demand-supply factor, an alternative for diamond search came into existence. 

However, what could be an alternative for diamonds? Would any woman compensate for having anything less than diamonds in their possession if the situation demands? The answer is a definite no! To have no issues arise in the demand and desire of women class, lab-grown diamonds come into being. 

Nowadays, all jewelry items, from lab-grown diamond earrings to necklaces, are available in the market. To have in-depth information, let’s know the factors involved.   

How are man-made diamonds made? 

In the 21st century, technology is on the rise and has been gaining its stride in many, as we all know. So, it’s no surprise that an alternative to diamonds is available in the market. A way has been discovered to copy natural diamonds inside a laboratory virtually. According to GIA Research, there are two ways of creating lab-made diamonds. 

The first method, HTHP, basically mocks the process of diamonds being made underneath the earth’s crust. The process uses high temperature and pressure. The second process is the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process.

The process involves the molecule breaking down of a carbon-rich gas like methane into hydrogen atoms and carbon.

Later they are deposited into diamond seeds to develop a square-shaped diamond crystal. These lab-grown diamonds are developed in two to three months compared to naturally sourced diamonds. 

Let’s move ahead with points you must consider that will assist you in getting man-made diamond earrings.

What points to conduct in lab-made diamond earrings?

So, is it easy to differentiate between natural or lab-made diamonds? To gather an answer to this question, the below points will suffice to understand. 

1- Real diamonds

When an alternative for the diamonds was in process, why was the process of HTHP and CVD approved? Mainly because detecting the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural ones is impossible for the naked eye. 

They are as real as the natural ones. Even with outdated technology, it is hard to detect a difference to the naked eye.  

2- Less expensive 

The main goal behind creating an alternative was the cost charge of a natural diamond. Due to its unique creation process, some diamond-crazed people tend to pay prices whatever is quoted. However, if you are on a budget and want to buy diamond jewelry, lab-made diamond earrings are no less. They give the same look and appeal as the real ones.

3- Different from natural diamonds 

But obviously, the lab-grown diamonds are different. It’s a chemical composition worked out in a lab for a shorter duration. Its growth morphology is the only difference between natural and lab ones. And that difference helps to identify which ones have naturally obtained diamonds.  

4- Investment factor 

The people interested in spending money on naturally sourced diamonds are fascinated by the fact that the diamonds are unique and thus make such investment decisions. Purchasing natural diamonds for investment is advised as they hold a timeless value.

Closing Remark 

By considering these points, you can make a well-educated decision to whether buy lab-grown diamond earrings or real diamond earrings. 

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