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5 New Lehenga Fashion Trends You Need To Know About

Fashion is all about ongoing trends. It is just like eating. You should not stick to the same menu. Following the latest fashion trends always adds stars to your appearance. The latest lehenga fashion trends are a big yes these days. So if you are planning to put on a new fashion or trendy lehenga to enhance your appearance and doll yourself up, this article is for you. The designers are coming up with new trends every season, and it’s really commendable the amount of creativity they put in these new lehenga trends that will take up your looks to the next level.

Beautiful, designer and trending lehengas are a perfect fit for an Indian festival. Whether you are a bride to be or attending a family wedding or simply looking for a traditional outfit, the latest fashion lehengas are something that completes and enriches your looks. This year’s spring wedding collection has one too many new fashion lehenga trends you need to know about.

1. Ivory is drift

Bright colours have always been a go-to option for Indian weddings, they considered earlier ivory a little contentious, but the time is changing now. Dull colours are well-liked in this decade. Ivory is being chosen by many nowadays. White and ivory can be dull for some yet statement-making for many. Brides from all around seem to love it. You can pair it with a multi-colour or a golden dupatta. Pearl, which is from the same colour garden, is an amazing match for it and if you tune it with a little silver, you are all set to look breathtaking.

2. Long peplum choli fashion trending lehenga

Peplum choli designs have glittered, short, slightly frilled trips on the waist on the women’s blouse. A peplum choli and lehenga are an out of the box idea for your wedding. It is inspired by Pakistani bridal looks. Any bride can pick this to look amazing on her D- day as it is suitable for all body types.

This style is quite trending these days, from the bride to her sister all girls like some peplum style for the wedding. But if you love colours and embroidery and planning to have a summer wedding this is just a perfect fashion trend lehenga for you

3. Black is an eternal fashion trend

lehenga fashion trends

Black has always been on-trend. It has its own immortal charm. You can always pick a black lehenga for an occasion to look outstanding. And black lehenga for your wedding is a perfect off the shore choice. A black bridal lehenga with zari work and heavy bridal jewellery is perfect to go to for your wedding can even enhance your look by twinning it with a golden dupatta. Only if some people don’t consider black so auspicious for the wedding day, you can still be a bride in black by picking it for a cocktail number, sangeet special, or an engagement ensemble.

4. Mirror Work

If you too are planning to magnify your looks this festive season with some authentic wear, then we have these dazzling, beautiful mirror work lehenga fashion trends for you. If you are one who likes shiny and gleamy, then this is a perfect fit for you. You need not enlighten your looks with body guitars or highlighters, these mirror work fashion lehengas will do it for you.

These mirror work lehengas are complete in itself. If you put it on with minimal jewellery and your favourite make-up and hairdo, you are perfectly dressed for the accusation.

5. Puffed sleeves lehenga fashion trend

This style is originally from the 80s, but it is in the trending fashion lehengas list these days. It can be a short puff sleeve, 3/4th puff sleeve, or leg mutton puff. If you are preparing for a showstopper look, then this style is just flawless fit for you. As this pattern itself stands out loud, you need nothing heavy to pair with it. If you twin it with beaded jewellery like necklaces and earrings and wedge heels you all set to go.

Fashion trends are wobbling, they do not stay for long. Sometimes it can be as simple as a single body cell, and other times it can be as complicated as the brain. The designers come up with new styles and ideas every season. You need to keep up with these ongoing latest fashion lehenga trends to outshine your personality. Fashion allows you to experiment a little on the way, which may lead to some new innovations or a style which may become a trend.

The fashion trends you follow can judge your mental state as your style tells who you are. There are different new design lehengas available. Therefore, while picking a new fashion trend lehenga you must keep in mind what suits your body type, what goes well with your complexion etc so select an attire accordingly and just pair it with the right accessories and make-up and you are out-and-out rock with new fashion lehenga.

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