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LGBT friendly destinations

Top LGBT friendly destinations on the planet

If you are looking for LGBT travel destinations, then look no further as we have tailor-made this article with inputs from gay travel bloggers. Gay travel blog has become increasingly popular and so did the gay travel bloggers. In this guide, we have covered several destinations that you and your partner will want to visit, as all of them are LGBT friendly. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Home of Lego and known for the New Nordic Cuisine, Denmark made history back in 1989 when it registered same-sex relationships. It became the first nation in the entire world to do so. Copenhagen is the cobblestoned, compact capital of Denmark. It is home to the oldest gay bar in Europe. Centralhjornet became 100 years old in 2017. It happens to be located in Vesterbro, which is the city’s red-light area. Copenhagen is among the most open and tolerant communities in Europe. The city has an edgy fashion trend and has a lot of colorful cocktail bars and a lot of accommodation options to choose from. The City Hall Tower that is 105.6m tall, is among the tallest buildings present there and from here you can enjoy beautiful views of the cobblestoned city. 

New Zealand

New Zealand bears a very inclusive and progressive behavior toward the LGBT community. New Zealand adopted the label of ‘Gay/Lesbian-Friendly’ back in the year 1998. This was an initiative that is globally recognized in the current date. This country has a lot of well-networked gay/lesbian-friendly homestays. In 2013, New Zealand passed same-sex marriage laws, and since then, the country has promoted gay/lesbian tourism. In Queenstown, Winter Pride, a gay ski festival takes place in the month of August or September.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the most popular LGBT friendly place in the whole of North America. It is the cultural hub with a lot of beautiful galleries, theatres, and LGBT friendly businesses. Dyke March is the pride event of the well established LGBT community centre. One of the most happening events of the year is Halloween at Church party.

Palm Springs, USA

This place is located 100 miles east of Los Angeles and is known to be a sun-seeker’s paradise where the sun is bright all year round, and this city has embraced everything that is gay. There are a lot of outdoor activities to choose from, a lot of shopping and dining options are present along with the best poolside lounging. If Palm Springs is your next stop, then don’t forget to pack the SPF. Also, check out The Dinah, this is the largest lesbian event and is held annually at Palm Springs.

Sitges, Spain

Sitges is located 35km southwest of Barcelona. This coastal city is the center of Spain’s gay scene and is an important location for LGBT travelers. There are long stretches of beaches, and some of them are clothing optional. The calendar here is full of events so that there is something for everyone.

New York City, USA

In the late ’60s the Stonewall riots occurred. And that marked the birth of gay-rights movement. There are a ton of gay friendly accommodations. New York is also known as a gay traveler’s Mecca as it gives you a wide array of activities to enjoy on your stay there.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin caters to all the fetish that you can dream of. This is the wild side of Germany. Berlin has a vibrant, gay-inclusive history that dates back to 1920s. Berlin has all that is required to enjoy an LGBT trip. And there is no closing time for the clubs and bars at this place.

This listing of ours is handpicked and assures a great trip to any one of these places. We hope you have a blast.

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