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5 Major Advantages Of Listing Your Business Name In Online Business Directories

Do you belong to the early or late 90s or before? Well, then you must have come across the big fat phone directory where thousands of phone numbers including the respective names were listed down. Probably, this was the best way to find someone anywhere in the country.

The same thing happens with online business directories. It offers a comprehensive platform for every business to list their name in the respective channels. For example, a real estate business will enlist its name in real estate online directory, healthcare business will do the same in a healthcare online directory, and so on.

Business listing is one of the extensive digital marketing services that every business takes care of. 

But what’s the benefit of doing this? Why a business should list its name in an online directory based on its industry?    

5 Major advantages of using online business directories

  1. Build an online presence: The prime reason behind listing your business name in online business directories is to build a good online presence. Every business when moves online want to have a good presence among the audience. Even you are looking for the same, isn’t it? But this is not possible unless and until you register your name in the business directory.

    Unless Google finds your name in the online directory, it will never display your brand name in the searches. Once your business name is registered, your presence online is automatically generated, creating brand credibility among the audience.
  2. Make your site visible on local searches: The next reason behind business name registration in the online directory is to make your site visible on local searches. Whenever you have searched online, you must have scrolled down some local listings of organizations.

    If you have missed it, do it now.
     The search results that are displayed in the first place are the local search results based on online business listings. To list your business name among these local searches it is likely to have your name on any one of the local directories based on your industry.

    Finding your name among the local searches increases the chance of driving more clicks, generating more viewers, more traffic, and eventually more conversions. You just can’t miss out on this now.

    List your business name in the online directory and make your brand visible to your local community online.
  3. Boost your SEO: Your potential buyers get to discover you online, what else do you need to amplify your business? Online directories are highly responsible for boosting SEO. No matter how good your website is, how relevant your content is, if the business name is not listed in any of the online directories, no one can find you online.

    Listing your business name along with the primary keywords and different combinations of your name can bring traffic from various sources. People may misspell your name. Hence, introducing various combinations of your name and using it as a keyword is mandatory.
  4. Rank your site higher on SERPs: Online directories can rank your site higher on SERPs. Just imagine, your business name is visible to the local searches. This generates a huge number of clicks and paves a way for a large volume of traffic online.
     Don’t you think Google will analyze the results and rank your site higher on the search engine result page? Definitely, it will. When more number of traffic is generated to a site and good conversions are cultivated, high rankings are mandated.
  5. Create a strong brand reputation online: Guess what, if your site is visible, your business name is visible to the local searches, you have attained a good online presence, what else can hinder you from obtaining a strong reputation online?

    Building a good reputation for your brand is just a tap away. Look for the online directories and give your business an online presence. You will witness the magic automatically.

    Local searches will automatically make your business visible. This when packed with positive reviews about the brand, funnel down the relevant traffic to the site and in the end, generates high sales. If a site is visible on Google listings, if it is available on the SERPs, it takes less time to create good brand recognition.


A business listing in online directories is thus responsible for promising brand visibility, online presence, improve local searches, strengthening business SEO, enhance search engine rankings, build brand awareness and eventually build a brand reputation online.

Is your business name listed in any of the online directories?  

If not yet, make sure you perform this job at a prior basis.

Look for a white label digital marketing agency and get professional hands to perform business listing.

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