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Lockdown impact on food supply | Coronavirus: Will the lockdown

With COVID-19 spreading its tentacles in India, there is a lot of fear regarding health and livelihoods. Government is taking stringent measures and has imposed 21+19 days of lockdown to restrict the transmission of virus. Keeping in view all this, the food demands of the huge population have to be met on a day to day basis. 

This new Corana Virus has been stretching widely in India but still the reported cases is much lesser to what it is in other countries. The unprecedented state of affairs has stirred up a strong sense of fright and uncertainty in the psyche of everyone. First and foremost thing that is bothering people is the impact on the food supply during this lockdown.

Some of the measures that are taken by the government for the smooth functioning of the supply chains are-

  • The government has asked the FMCG companies to make their best efforts to bring the supply chains to a normal pace
  • The government is making up efforts and trying to resolve all the upcoming challenges that are related to the accessibility of labour and shortage of trucks
  • The government is also taking up strong steps for the safety of people and is trying to arrange hand sanitizers, floor detergents, floor cleaners, laundry detergents and foods among others as the country is fighting against the pandemic 

In these difficult times when the country is taking up steps so that all the products reach the people in an uninterrupted manner the transport companies are also coming forward and taking up their responsibility.

Even though the transport services by rail, air and road are suspended, online transport company are working round the clock for transporting the essential commodities and various other medical supplies. The transportation for all the medical staff is also available so that they can offer their valuable services. Some of the reputed and professional companies are offering their logistic and transportation services to transport the essential commodities. Their devoted staff and the maintained fleet of vehicles are offering on-time delivery so that people continue to stay safely at home and save their nation in the time of crisis. 

Transportation of Goods:

Transportation companies are transporting the goods keeping in view the following things as per the guidelines set by the government-

  • The vehicle of all the transport companies should have a sticker on the vehicle stating the essential commodities are being transported to a particular state 
  • The driver of the vehicle should have a letter from the company that are getting the goods transported and they are transporting only the essential commodities and other medical related goods. 
  • The transport companies should also maintain sanitation, hygiene and also need to follow social distancing principles while on the move.

As the government is taking all the necessary steps to make sure that the COVID19 emergency should be successfully managed, it is also the duty of all the companies to successfully carry out their task and stay positive in this time of crisis. 

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