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Make a face mask at home

A mask is an item usually worn on the facial skin, usually for concealment, personal appearance, or theatrical performance. Masks are worn since ancient times for both practical and ceremonial purposes, and even in the theater and for entertainment. Most masks can be found in museums, but some of the most famous ones have actually been made to last. However, they usually do not last forever, and one might need to replace it in a few years to keep the costume intact.

If you are planning to get a mask, make sure that you have all the things that you need. The first thing that you need to get is a masking kit which usually comes with a couple of masks and different sizes of paper which can be used for making masks. Make sure that you purchase these kits from a reputable store. This is because you will not want to end up purchasing more masking materials that you do not need. You should also make sure that you buy a good quality mask that will last for a long time, especially if it is a mask for theatrical purposes. Another important thing is to ensure that the mask fits well on your face so that it can perform its job properly.

One way to make your own mask is to make it by tracing the image of a face with a piece of card, and then cut the shape out with a knife. You can also use the image of a face from your computer. After cutting out the shape, you can glue it on the mask. Before placing the glue you will have to make sure that your mask will not get wet and ruin the effect of the mask. In addition, you have to take into account the color and texture of the material that you are using, so that the mask does not stick to your face.

The official advice on this varies around the world, but the general opinion is that face masks won’t help to prevent you from contracting Covid-19 by wearing a homemade face mask. It can, however, help prevent you from spreading any germs you might be carrying, which can be especially beneficial if you are asymptomatic and do not know that you are carrying the virus.

Note that the face masks we are talking about here are not face masks of medical quality, and we would not advise you to try to make your own versions of PPE: leave that to the experts.

In areas where social distancing is not feasible, it is advised to wear a face mask. Many countries worldwide often require their people to wear face masks when out among people or in enclosed spaces such as supermarkets or public transport.

Learning how to make a facial mask is an incredibly useful ability that can be quickly learned at the moment, with face masks being obligatory in more and more places around the world. And if you’ve never stitched before, then don’t worry, there are no sewing skills needed for the one listed here.

T-shirt face mask:


A T-shirt


Coffee filter or paper towel

If you own an old t-shirt that you don’t mind cutting, then you can make a face mask out of it easily and quickly. If they have gaps in them or are worn out, it would not be a brilliant choice to use it to make the mask. Your T-shirt should preferably be 100 % cotton and as opaque as possible.

Simply cut the bottom off your T-shirt, to begin with. The length covering from nose to your chin (around 7-8-inches of 17-20 cm) should be the length of the amount of material you need. If you’re unsure, it’s better to get the measuring tape out and cut more prominent than you think you need so that you can remove the excess later (you’ll run into issues if you cut too small).

Then you need to cut into the T-shirt, around 6-7-inches (15-17 cm), creating a kind of elongated c-shape. Then, split your ties so you can draw them back around your head. Adjust until your nose and chin have a snug fit around you. You can apply to your face mask a coffee filter or paper towel, if you like, and protect it with a safety pin.

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