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menopause self test kits

How to Use a Menopause Self Test Kit for Reliable Results

Do you feel as if you are in a hormonal swing? These include hot flashes, night sweats, and irregular periods – all of which are changes that most women go through in their 40s or early 50s. But the management of this period is not easy. Are you experiencing a mere hormonal fluctuation, or have you truly entered the menopausal stage?

Menopause self-test kits are the answer to this problem. These handy at-home tools provide a convenient means to get a picture of your hormonal well-being. However, for the most reliable results, the proper use of diagnostic tests is crucial. Now, let’s see the tips on using the self-test kit to its full potential and get useful information about your way through the menopausal period.

Understanding the Menopause Self-Test Kit

What is a Menopause Self Test Kit?

A menopause self-test kit is a convenient tool that allows women to check their hormone levels at home. These kits typically measure key hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH). Analyzing these hormones gives you a clearer picture of your menopausal status and overall hormonal health.

Preparing for the Test

When to Take the Test

Timing is crucial for accurate results. If you no longer have periods, you can take the test anytime. If you still have periods, it’s best to take the test on the third day of your cycle. Using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) gel or cream, use the opposite hand to prevent sample contamination.

Gather Your Supplies

Your menopause self-test kit should include:

  • 3 lancets
  • Test tubes and cases
  • Sterilizing wipes and plasters
  • A form and labels from the lab
  • Free Royal Mail Track24 return label

Ensure you have everything before starting the test.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Kit

1. Choose Your Package

Select the package that best suits your needs. Most kits offer different options depending on the hormones you wish to measure.

2. Take Your Sample

At-Home Finger Prick

  1. Wash Your Hands: Clean hands reduce the risk of contamination.
  2. Sterilize Your Finger: Use the provided wipe to clean the chosen finger.
  3. Use the Lancet: Prick your finger with the lancet to obtain a blood sample.
  4. Collect the Sample: Place a drop of blood onto the test strip or into the test tube as instructed.
  5. Secure the Sample: Seal the test tube or strip in the provided case.

Other Collection Methods

  • Visit a Partner Clinic: Schedule an appointment for professional collection.
  • Book a Home Nurse: Arrange for a nurse to collect the sample at your home.
  • Arrange Your Own Medical Professional: Have your sample collected by a trusted healthcare provider.

3. Send Your Sample

  1. Label the Sample: Attach the provided labels to your sample.
  2. Complete the Form: Fill out the form with your details.
  3. Package the Sample: Place the sample, form, and labels in the provided envelope.
  4. Mail the Sample: Use the Royal Mail Track24 label for free and secure delivery.

4. Receive Your Personalised Report

Once your sample reaches the lab, a UK doctor will analyze your results. You will receive a detailed report within two working days. This report will provide insights into your hormonal balance, helping you understand your menopausal status.

Tips for Reliable Results

Follow Instructions Carefully

Adhering to the kit’s instructions ensures the accuracy of your results. Any deviation can lead to contamination or inaccurate readings.

Avoid Contamination

Ensure your hands and the collection area are clean. If you’re using HRT, follow the instructions to prevent contamination.

Use All Provided Materials

The kit includes specific tools for a reason. Use the provided lancets, wipes, and labels to maintain consistency and reliability.

Interpreting Your Results

Understanding Hormone Levels

  • FSH and LH: High levels may indicate menopause.
  • Oestradiol and Progesterone: These hormones fluctuate during menopause; low levels can confirm the transition.

Consulting a Doctor

While the self-test kit provides valuable insights, it’s essential to discuss your results with a healthcare professional. They can help interpret your results in the context of your overall health and guide you on the next steps.


A menopause self-test kit is a powerful tool for women seeking to understand their hormonal health. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure reliable results and gain valuable insights into your menopausal status. Remember, accurate results depend on careful preparation, proper sample collection, and thorough follow-up with a healthcare professional. Embrace this journey with confidence, knowing you have the tools to take control of your health.