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Mens Fashion Hoodie Lookbook | How to Style different hoodies:

There was a time when a hoodie would mark you a robber or associate you with someone who must have done something wrong. But now with changing fashion trends and style, Hoodie is one of the most stylish and comfortable men’s wear. No matter if you have a hoodie in your wardrobe or not but take it from me, this season you are going to buy one after reading the article below. 

Yes! I am going to talk about different ways to style your hoodie this season. Let’s have a look at it.

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What is Hoodie? 

Hoodies mostly fall in the category of “casual wear”. Hoodies look like a casual jumpsuit or overall with the purpose to save you from cold weather. Hoodies are mainly designed for winters but now you can find hoodies in summer stuff as well. For all kind of hoodies either woollen or summer wear just visit xxxtentacion hoodie 

You might disagree, but for me Hoodies are the most comfortable men’s wear. They are usually made up of soft and smooth fabric with huge pockets on the front to keep your belongings safe. Styling a hoodie in a new way is an art. 

So following are some of the cool ways to style your Hoodie in 2020. 

4 ways to style your Hoodie in 2020:

2020 is all about unique fashion and trends. So here are some trendy Hoodie looks of 2020. 

Hoodie With Coat: 

When you want to be warm and look stylish both at the same time, then the best way is to pair your hoodie with a coat. A simple casual coat or a long leather coat, choice is all yours. Coat with a hoodie looks so trendy and stylish and keeps you cosy when the temperature starts falling down. Styling coats with a Hoodie is the most convenient fashion for men, because mostly men do have both items in their wardrobe. So why not mix and match them and recreate something more funky and trendy. 

So guys, if you have an old hoodie in your wardrobe, just pair it with a coat and surprise your friends with a new classic look. 

Hoodie with Jeans/ Denim Jackets: 

Hoodie with jeans is everyone’s go to look. Pair your hoodie with any comfortable jeans and you are ready for a night out or for weekend chills. The best part is both hoodies and jeans are easily available in men’s wardrobe. All you need to do is a little research to create a funky look (mix and match colors). 

Hoodie with Denim jacket is another way to create a classic look in 2020. It’s all about layering your denim jacket with any casual hoodie you have in your wardrobe. hoodie ‘s and denim both are very comfortable mens clothes. You can carry this look on streets with friends and even at night outs. 

Leather Jacket with Hoodie: 

Leather jackets are always in fashion. No matter if it is the 90’s fashion or the latest one, you always find leather jackets in mens wardrobe. Pairing a leather jacket with a hoodie is a great idea to keep yourself warm in winter. Not only this hoodie style looks cosy and comfortable but it is very stylish as well. 

To make your look little Edgy you can select leather jacket colors like black, blue or brown. A black zip up hoodie with a black leather jacket is a great idea. But if you think the look is too dark, wear a light grey or white T-shirt underneath. 

Hoodie with a Bomber Jacket: 

The Bomber Jacket is back in fashion and I am very happy about it. Pairing a bomber jacket with a hoodie is a great idea this year. This will create a street boy look, super cool as well as super easy. All you need to do is create some interesting combination of texture and color. Like if you are wearing a looser nature of a bomber jacket, go for a thicker thread of hoodie then. 

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