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Know the Best Practice Methods to Convert VCF to PST

Summary: If you have a query” How do I import multiple contacts from VCF to Outlook?”  and you’re looking for reliable ways to import VCF files into Outlook and wish to convert VCF to PST. You’ve come to the right place. The two most effective ways to convert vCard(.vcf) files to Outlook PST files will be covered in this post. We will answer all of your questions about this work here. We will also talk about the risk-free way for customers to convert single or more VCF files to the PST file format.

What justifies converting a VCF file to PST format?

In certain situations, compatibility or data management issues may need to convert vcard to PST format. Some motivations for wanting to convert VCF to PST include the following:

  • Contact Migration: Converting your VCF contacts to PST format may be necessary to provide a seamless transfer of your contact data from a contact management system or email client that uses VCF files to Microsoft Outlook, which uses PST files.
  • Consolidating Data: You can merge all of your contacts into a single file by converting your contact information to PST if it is spread over multiple VCF files or other formats.
  • Integration with Outlook: PST files, which are stored in-app, are used by Microsoft Outlook to store contacts, emails, calendars, and other personal data. Converting VCF files to PST will give you a unified view and faster access to your contacts in addition to the rest of your Outlook data.
  • Backup and Archiving: PST files can be utilized to create a complete backup or archive your Outlook contact information. By converting VCF contacts to PST, you may quickly and safely restore your contacts in case of data loss or system issues. This allows you to create a backup copy of your contacts.
  • Cooperation and Distribution: PST files can be easily shared or distributed by Outlook users. Contact data can be shared in an Outlook-compatible format if you convert vcard to PST, making it simple to work together with colleagues and share contact information.

Method1: Manual Procedure to Convert VCF to PST

You may Import VCF to PST in simple stages by using a manual way. However, it is a laborious procedure that does not support bulk conversion of VCF files. To convert each VCF file individually into an Outlook PST file format, you can do it in two steps.

Step 1: First, Import VCF Files Into Outlook.

  • Start by launching Microsoft Outlook on your PC.
  • From the upper right corner, select the File option.
  • Go to the Open & Export menu.
  • Go with the Import/Export menu choice.
  • Following that, select Import a VCARD file (.vcf) and press the Next button.
  • The VCF file should then be selected and opened.
  • It has finally imported your VCF file.

Step 2. Export Outlook Data

  • Open the File menu.
  • Make sure you choose Open & Import.
  • The Import/Export option is then selected.
  • Choose Export as a file as the second option, then click Next.
  • After selecting Outlook Data File (.pst), press Next.
  • Select Contacts next, then press the Next button.
  • Currently, choose your file by clicking Browse. Next, select OK.
  • Finally, select the appropriate choice and press the Finish button.

We can’t import numerous files at once with this technique, which makes it too lengthy. While the manual approach of converting VCF to PST files is useful, it has many drawbacks which are listed below.

Restrictions with the Manual Approach to convert vcf to pst

  • It only transforms one VCF file at a time.
  • Large VCF files are not supported by this method.
  • Data missing problems are present.
  • Sometimes, it may corrupt the file.

Method 2: Expert Solution to Convert vCard to PST Without Outlook

The most effective professional method for simultaneously converting many VCF to PST files is the VCF to CSV Converter Tool. The freeware that converts your VCF files to PST without Outlook is reliable and risk-free. Converting VCF files to PDF, Google CSV, iCloud CSV, and other formats is one of its many features and capabilities. That being said, you can simply use this utility to import your VCF files to PST without Outlook.

Here’s How to Import VCF to PST.

  • Install VCF to CSV Converter first on your PC by downloading and installing it.
  • After selecting the file that best fits your needs, click the Add File/Add Folder option.
  • Then, select Next after clicking the Preview option to view the data.
  • Navigate to the Select Output File Format list and choose PST file.
  • To find your file, click the Destination Path icon.
  • Finally, press the button labeled Convert.

To import vcf files into Outlook, the expert approach is ideal. Its graphical user interface is basic. For non-technical people, however, this is simple and requires no effort to utilize. This tool is available for download and use with a demo. For every folder, it creates a PDF with 20 contacts.

VCF to PST Conversion Software Benefits

  • Excel files can be converted into vCard, CSV, and TXT files with this software, which supports several Excel file types.
  • Data in vCard fields can be manually mapped to Excel columns. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use the user-friendly interface.
  • Either separate files for each contact or a single vCard file for all contacts can be created. Different vCard versions are supported.
  • As for the converted vCard file, you can select its saving path. You do not need to install Microsoft Excel. Every Windows version, including 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and previous ones, is supported.
  • Along with adding header data, you may also specify the name of the output folder.


For converting VCF to PST, both approaches are excellent; nevertheless, but, if you thought “Which is the best solution to Convert VCF to PST in bulk?” the manual approach takes longer than the expert one. When using the manual technique, Only one you can Import VCF to PST file at a time. However, if you need to convert VCF to PST in mass, the expert approach offers a simple answer. Users may use this software with ease and save time and effort because of its user-friendly interface.