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Naira Rasool Head Chef | UK Restaurant

Being a head chef is tough; you have plenty of responsibilities like directing the food preparation process, making menus with new or existing culinary creations, ensuring the variety and quality of the servings, polishing” dishes before they reach the customer, and many other things. 

Naira Rasool UK is a very familiar name when it comes to restaurants. Fueled by an ingrained passion for food and cooking, She requested her parents allow her to attend culinary school. At age 18, she left her hometown to pursue her dream of becoming a chef and enrolled in Waitrose Cookery School. 

She is a now forty-six-year-old UK chef and chocolatier who is very well known for her tremendous work in cooking shows. Her famous shows include ‘Foodie’ and ‘Moklateive.’ 

Naira Rasool is famous for her cooking skills in classic cuisines; however, nothing beats her famous cupcakes. Naira learned cooking from many well-known culinary experts worldwide and is highly renowned for her desserts. She started her cooking business ten years ago and became popular in her community. After a year or so, she decided to step out of the box and started experimenting with different cuisines. She has a big following on all social media platforms. She is currently working with a well-known restaurant as a head chef and is entirely responsible for hiring, managing, and training kitchen staff. 

Naira Rasool UK, Head Chef

Currently, she is also planning on opening her restaurant. Naira wants to pioneer the eclectic, modern & classic cuisine movement, melding the bold flavors and spices she grew up on with the contemporary techniques of her experience. Her fierce quest for excellence made her win several awards. Chef Naira strives to be a role model to all young women from her country and hopes her determination and successes can prove that any goal is achievable as long as you drive hard for what you believe in and always remember who you are.

Naira has ample experience as Head Chef, and her exceptional proven ability in kitchen management makes her the best. 

She is a chef, a housewife, and a mother of two kids, but her work management amazed everyone. Naira Rasool also keeps herself up-to-date with culinary trends and optimized kitchen processes. 

There’s no doubt about the UK’s culinary talent. People are so lucky in Britain to have some of the most famous chefs in the world. And, a cherry on top, these chefs also run their restaurants and cafes, making Britain a deliciously diverse dining place. 

Naira Rasool UK, Head Chef

Naira’s specialty lies in baking cakes and pastries. Her three to six tiers cakes are famous for weddings and birthdays. She decorated them as you want, but if you rely on her aesthetic sense, she will amaze you with her crafting and design. With years of experience in her field she is a pro now. 

Naira Rasool’s restaurant is one of the must-go places in London, UK. So, on your next trip, don’t forget to stop by and have some croissants and cakes from her. Also, check some of her authentic classic Asian recipes like butter chicken or Hyderabadi Biryani.