Why The Uber Clone Is An Excellent Choice For The On Demand Taxi Business

Taxis were invented to provide an easy mobility solution for people to commute from one place to another with ease, be it work, leisure or for other reasons. The taxi concept actually goes back to around the 1600s when the “taxi” was actually a horse and buggy which slowly evolved over time to the four-wheelers and the trendy yellow cabs. Today, thanks to Uber technology you can get a taxi ranging from economy to luxury, that too in colors that don’t scream taxi.

In the same way, the method of searching and hailing a taxi has also evolved. Before it was cruising the roads for one, or thumbing for one, and ringing the taxi company who would send a taxi out to you when there was one available.


In 2009, a smart new concept of hailing a taxi was invented. This concept was introduced under the name of Uber. Uber worked such that it facilitated a transport network between taxi drivers and riders. By integrating the services of a mobile app, Uber made it possible for passengers to connect directly with the drivers who are available for a ride. The drivers could be owners of luxury cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW 7, Porsche, and Jaguar as well as the economy ones like Mazda, Ford, etc. Passengers could select the car of their choice and budget and reserve it for a ride on demand. The reserved vehicle can be tracked by the passenger as it makes its way to the pickup point.


The Uber concept created havoc in the traditional taxi industry. People liked the idea of summoning a taxi from their mobile phones in the comfort of their homes with just a few taps, and track it at all times. Riders liked the fact that their ride was confirmed and there would be no unpleasant no shows by drivers. All these factors made the Uber taxis very popular and the traditional taxi users soon jumped ship to embrace Uber. Such was Uber’s success that it is valued to be at approximately $70Million.


The phenomenal success of Uber created a new industry, the on demand taxi industry. Everyone wanted to get a piece of Uber’s success and taxi businesses started looking for ways on how they could do this. This furor gave birth to the Uber clone, an app that works on the same principle as Uber.


The Uber clone has become the ideal solution for all on demand taxi businesses. It works on the same concept as Uber and has almost the same features as Uber, if not more. The taxi business owner can get the app customized according to his requirements, his area of operation and the type of clientele he usually gets. The beauty of these apps is that the business owner now need not invest in a fleet of taxis, radios, office premises, and staff to man the phones.


  • Facility for multiple currencies and languages
  • White labeled solution with your company logo and brand
  • Free configuration, installation and launch on your server
  • App approval on Android and Apple Play stores
  • Ride now or later feature
  • Surge pricing
  • Panic/Emergency button
  • Round the clock customer support everyday
  • Free lifetime license

With the above-listed features and many other features that make the Uber clone the perfect app for any on demand taxi business, it is no wonder that more and more traditional taxi businesses are introducing the app as a smarter way of working as well as increasing their revenue.

The success of Uber is in black and white for all to see. Every on demand taxi business can also become the next Uber and be as successful if not more by introducing a new and unique concept.

On demand is definitely the way forward as more and more people are using smart mobile technology for everything and requesting a taxi is one thing that almost every person with a smartphone is doing.

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