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On-Page SEO Techniques: The Complete Guide

Do you know anything about how on-page SEO helps in enhancing the website ranking and as well about the traffic that turned into sales? If not, here is an ultimate guide for on-page SEO that will help you anytime in converting more visitors in your digital marketing agency. 

So, what is SEO?

SEO is said to be search engine optimization, which is a method of enhancing the site for its visibility in the search results. It is important because the better visibility of the web page leads to garner more attention and as well grab potential clients to the business. SEO separated into two as

1. On-page optimization 

2. Off-page optimization

On-page SEO is something that includes every on-site procedure to make a web page rank higher on SERP, whereas off-page SEO is a page ranking factor that helps in building backlinks outside the website. 

In this post, let’s discuss in detail about on-page SEO techniques.

What are the elements of on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is a method of optimizing a website that enhances the ranking of a website and attains organic traffic. Below are some of the elements of on-page SEO,

  • Unique page content
  • Be simple yet unique
  • Generate readable and engaging content
  • Word count on every post
  • Avoid content duplication
  • Latent Semantic Indexing keyword
  • Proper planning in keyword density
  • Page loading speed
  • Place your targeted keyword in the title tag, meta description and H1 tags.
  • Descriptive page URLs
  • Descriptive Alt tags
  • Internal linking
  • Appropriate Schema markup
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Short and long-tail keywords
  • Engaging and relevant visual content

Why is on-page SEO important? 

It is an integral part of SEO to get better rankings and more traffic. The fascinating thing in on-page SEO is that it is utterly under your control. Always, keyword-rich title tag and first page rankings are directly proportional. However, there is, even more, to know about other than devouring keywords into HTML pages. Here is why on-page SEO is important,

  • Aids search engines to understand the website and crawl easily
  • Improve search engines to identify the web pages for the relevant search query
  • Guidance in focusing on relevancy and semantics
  • Helping the search engine to deliver the best search results
  • Provides better user experience
  • Optimize both data and structure of a website

Detailed view about on-page SEO techniques

Now, you would have known about the importance of on-page SEO. Below is the detailed view of on-page SEO techniques that quickly boost your web page. 

Original content

Always, unique content on a web page doesn’t need SEO to enhance its visibility but can go even better with perfect SEO strategies. However, high-quality content should not have any copywriting of an already existing article and as it should consist of text, images, presentations, infographics, etc., 

Optimizing meta tags

If a search engine crawls your website, then it will check over the page title and description of a web page. It helps in understanding what the page is about and other factors that help in positioning your website in the index. The unique title assists both search engines and users in identifying the web page on the internet. 

  • Adding keywords to page titles
  • Writing descriptive titles 
  • Writing short titles with 60 characters
  • Adding power words in titles
  • Targeted keywords in the description

Header tag

The only thing considered here is proper formatting which needs to have both headings [h1] and subheadings [h2, h3]. You can even choose to have the same tags for both title and h1. Keep in mind that search engines uncover the consequences whatever they encounter in the title tag.

Visually Engaging

Pictures are essential for display purposes. People obtain a page that is appealing and more accessible to learn.

The most significant obstacles with images are that search engines don’t know them and that all combine to the loading time of the web page.

  • Handle unique images. If you demand to utilise an existent image from the web, then you necessitate citing the reference.
  • Optimize the extent of the pictures 
  • Employing ALT tag to represent the image

Optimizing URLs

Your URL formation is a depreciated element of on-page SEO.

Certainly, Google freshly caused to handle mysterious versions of URLs in the SERP.

Optimizing URLs is essential for supremacy SEO. It includes two parts. The former one is optimizing URL and another one is its structure.

The most important thing to concentrate on is,

  • Making short URLs
  • Having a keyword in every URLs

Final thoughts

Hope, you would have understood the importance and the ways to rank your website in search engines. Remember, you won’t be able to trick the search engine always. Besides, know the exact ways to understand SEO friendly content and other similar methods to enhancing your website in every way. There are even a lot more to recognize about on-page SEO. 

Acquire knowledge about the methodologies demanded to match the provocations of tomorrow with the help of digital marketing services.

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