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Benefits of outsourcing payroll in Singapore

Outsourcing payroll services in Singapore has many benefits. This is an essential part of any business and should be maintained with professionalism. Businesses that are in payroll services Singapore are equipped to handle all specialized and fully managed services. This is why multinational companies of all sizes choose to outsource payroll Singapore.

Now that we understand the role good payroll management plays in the company, the best way to upkeep a working payroll system is to hire an external company offering payroll services in Singapore. 

Affordable and Cost-Effective

There are many companies providing payroll services in Singapore, and while some may offer seemingly high prices, it will actually be more cost-saving to outsource payroll in Singapore by hiring a company. 

Setting up and training an in-house team to process payroll not only takes up a lot of time, but also increases the operations cost for businesses. 

For many small businesses and especially newly incorporated companies, this is a cost that they cannot afford. That’s the reason many start-ups outsource their payroll in Singapore – it is much more cost-effective, and they get quality payroll processing in return. In fact, it is 90% cheaper for a company to hire a payroll outsourcing company than to bring in a team to do payroll management in-house. 

Accurate Payroll Processing

The experts in a payroll outsourcing company have much experience with managing and processing payrolls, hence they can be depended on to deliver all the payrolls accurately. 

Their in-depth knowledge of the Ministry of Manpowers regulations helps them to ensure that the payroll management system is accurate and all calculations are accounted for and updated. If there are any changes in legal requirements,  payroll services Singapore firms are the first to know of it. They will quickly update your company’s payrolls to reflect any changes. 

Your company will never have an incorrectly processed payroll or an unhappy employee with their expertise.

Timely Processing

Companies offering payroll services in Singapore have a specialized department that only deals with payrolls, hence they will definitely deliver your payrolls on time. Within your own company, there could be unforeseen circumstances that forces you to direct manpower away from the payroll management department, and this will impact the speed at which payroll is processed. 

However, payroll outsourcing companies in Singapore will not be affected by such delays, which makes them much more effective at processing payrolls on time.

Reduces Risks

Not only are the payroll processing errors reduced, it also reduces risks of any disruptions to your business operations. As payroll is something that has to be done regardless of time and situation, a good payroll service provider will provide your business with business continuity strategies that have been tried-and-tested. 

This is to ensure that your payroll management system will still be functional regardless of what happens to your business. 

In addition, these service providers also possess the most updated payroll processing technical software and equipment, hence they are less liable to security leaks or risks. Many companies who outsource payroll in Singapore enjoy this added security feature, and you can rest easy knowing that your company’s confidential payroll information and details are well-protected.

Compliant with Legal Requirements

Newly incorporated companies in Singapore or foreign entrepreneurs may be unclear of the legal requirements of payroll stipulated by Singapore Law. This can lead to mistakes in payroll management and processing. 

However, by engaging in a firm providing payroll services in Singapore, they have the legal experience and necessary information to ensure that all of your company’s payrolls abide by the law. It will reduce the risk of any legal repercussions against your company due to poor payroll management. 

Professionals with Experience

These companies offering payroll services in Singapore have a well-equipped and experienced team of experts who have been processing payrolls for a long time. They are highly reliable and can be trusted to handle your company’s payrolls well. 

One tip we have before you hire a payroll service provider is to check their list of past and current clients. WLP Group, for example, has years of experience processing payrolls and working for companies such as the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Tan Tock Seng Hospital, all of which are highly respected institutions in Singapore. 

It can help provide you with a peace of mind knowing that you are receiving high-quality payroll services in Singapore.


By allowing firms who provide payroll services in Singapore to process your payrolls, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your business that you are passionate about. Your staff would not have to worry about the impending payroll due dates every month and waste time trying to handle the complex requirements of payroll processing. 

They can make use of the time saved to manage your business operations and even expand your business, knowing that they will be able to receive their payrolls on time. You as a business owner will also be reassured of the accurate and timely processing of payrolls.

In summary

There are so many great benefits to engaging a company offering payroll outsourcing services, which is why many companies choose to outsource payroll in Singapore. It is accurate, dependable, timely, and reduces risks faced by your company, which is what every entrepreneur needs. 

You are a business owner, not a payroll expert. Leave your company’s monthly or weekly payroll management to professionals, and focus on what you do best at to grow your business and take it to new heights. Businesses that choose to outsource payroll in Singapore can focus on other operational needs. 

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