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Parenting Tips to handle your Primary School Child

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It is easier to build a strong foundation in children in the initial years than later. So, it is the responsibility of parents to take care of a few things initially in order to make things easier later on.

Enroll them into the best International school in Ahmedabad

Primary school is the first entry of your child into the actual educational world; where your child’s personality and the basic framework of their future is built.

Choose the Best International School in Ahmedabad which ensures broad-based learning in the child, For eg:- Development of social, cognitive, cultural, emotional and physical skills.

What you should expect from Primary School?

  • Fun and Positive attitude towards learning
  • Helping your child to be self confident
  • Instilling life skills
  • Promoting Independence
  • Development of child’s potential to the fullest

Enquire about your child’s performance.

If you notice your child is not doing well at primary school then you should figure out the actual cause, and figure out steps to fix the problem otherwise their self esteem will suffer.

Some children simply cannot fit into the school curriculum and that might be due to the child’s personality. So, always know your child’s personality, their learning style, their weaknesses so that you can find the Best International School in Ahmedabad that will align with your vision

For eg:- Montessori method of teaching is ideal for children who take time to grasp knowledge and is perfect for one that needs more attention.

Promote Independence

We agree that 3- 5yr old kids still need plenty of parental help, but as per experts, kids can do many things if we promote independence and encourage them. In Primary School, teachers allow kids to do whatever they want to, choose wherever they want to sit, with whom they want to sit or play, and choose toys to play with.

They teach children how to take care of their belongings, and how to follow certain good habits independently.

Parents should resist doing things for them to make their child more self-sufficient.  For eg:- Teach them first to do certain tasks like wearing clothes, shoes, asking them to eat on their own.

Listen to child’s teachers

You may not have a habit of listening to your child but you should listen to their teachers kindly. They may tell you things you don’t want to hear but the problems are being communicated so that they can help your child.

The teachers are experts in handling kids and have been doing this for years and are aware of every type of child’s needs and wants. So relax, trust your Primary School teachers and do the best you can.

Focus on Values.

Knowing good moral values such as kindness, courage, and compassion builds a child’s character. It forms the core part of their being and that is why it’s essential to start teaching them moral values from early. Find the Best International School in Ahmedabad that provides value based education like respecting and listening to others, showing kindness and empathy, being honest etc.

Speak to them with care

You should treat your child with care and respect, do not put undue pressure or ask them to follow harsh discipline. Speak to them politely, pamper them with love, and pay attention to their needs. Children treat others the way they see their parents.

Handling kids requires patience, one should not hit them under any circumstance; instead you should follow other ways of discipline which are more effective.

Make sure you manage your child’s behaviour earlier so that they do not have a hard time managing it later.


Your goal over the next few years should be to instill in them skills and habits that can help them to become independent individuals and build a strong relationship with your child, which can act as a solid foundation to get them through the teen years.

Children are ready to learn more than what we assume they can; they are like little sponges who can soak up a lot of information  so embrace their hunger and help them learn while they explore the world around them by enrolling them to the Best International School in Ahmedabad.

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