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6 Fundamental Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Commit When Designing Home Interior

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Designing your home interior for the first time? Well, you would be pretty much excited about this. And why you shouldn’t be? After all it’s your abode, and the way it is designed reflects who you are, and it also defines how content and happy you feel living in your home.

Home interior design is an aspect you would be greatly excited about. And there are a hordes of things that would be running your mind or imagination that you would want to bring out in execution. However, this is the time when things can get over your head, and you can over-do something, or you may overlook as basic tips, or you can fall into one aspect more than other and end up making mistakes.

Making mistakes when designing your home isn’t something that people don’t do, and it isn’t something that will make you a villain. But it can prove to be distressing, and sometime some interior decoration ideas are hard to reverse. From shopping for blue pottery without knowing where to keep it, to not measuring the room before picking out the rug from the store, and many more, there are several mistakes that can be avoided effectively.

But, don’t lose heart – there is a solution to everything. And in this case, the solution is that you start well and with knowledge and don’t jump the ship straightaway. Here, we are listing down some key home interior design mistakes that must be avoided at all costs:

1. Shopping for Home Decor Without Proper Research

Have you found a great decor item on a store and you just pay out and bring that product home, only to find that it was better sitting there and now there’s no right place or design implementation or blend that you can achieve with your buy. When you are engaged in home decor online shopping, assessing your home interior and exterior is an important aspect so that you are able to imagine whether a certain item will fit your design needs or not, irrespective of how great and amazing it looks.

2. Not Taking into Consideration Fire Hazards

Does your premise have a baseboard heater under sliding doors, and without knowing this you are looking to get a custom-tailored drapery for that space? Well, this could be an invitation for a big risk later on. Therefore, it is necessary to note that you double check everything with respect to how safe deploying or using a certain item at a particular place will be.

3. Limiting Wallpaper to Just One Wall

While many people would see this as a new design output, professional designers see this as a big mistake. The accent wall should have more impact that just this simple execution. However, when you think that you are going to wallpaper just one room, it should be done in an effectively dramatic way to create an aesthetic essence.

4. Not Going for Precise Measurements

As a rule of interior design – do not overlook the principles of scale. For example, when you are choosing ceiling lighting, it should complement not just the height, but it should be proportionate to the size of the room as well.

5. Mixing Vintage Art With Modern Design Without any Pattern or Design Influence

Are you looking to buy blue pottery online because you are fond of that and want to have one in your home or room? Well, if you want something so desperately then you could go for that, especially if you are vintage art work lover. However, as vintage decor items are known to add a touch of class and aesthetics ta space these should be used to that effect only.

Just using any piece randomly within your space will make that item feeling out-dated and obsolete, and it will also lessen the decor effects of other art items in the space. Make sure to know and visualize where that particular item will go well to give an enhanced and enchanting design and decor finish overall.

6. Over-Boarding with One Pattern, Theme or Item Category

It is a fact that too much of anything is never a good idea, whether it is related to your eating or drinking habits, or it is about your home decor. Getting obsessive with one set of items, placing them everywhere, or having one design pattern all around the home even where it feels creepy is never a good strategy.

Creating a contrasting effect is an in-thing that you should follow. And while minimalism is in the trend, less is often more.


Creating a beautiful and appealing home decor finish with different materials and items is an art that must be taken up with care and concern. When you are shopping for blue pottery in Jaipur, or elsewhere, or picking vintage art items, or home plant pots, or any other item, you have to be specific about what to choose and where to place them. For your interior decor, make sure to visualize everything, go with the trend and focus on creating a soothing effect.

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