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How To Choose The Perfect Kids Sofa Set For Your Little Ones

We all have been in that place. Where we were utterly confused about what should be the best couch for our kids. What are the things one should keep in mind? What colors to use? What should be the size and dimensions? If you are facing the same problem hang on for some time. We’ll show you exactly ‘how one should choose a sofa for their little one.

The very first thing to keep in mind. 

The very first thing that one should keep in mind is your ‘child’ and his preference.  

  1. If your young one is a boy make sure to have sturdy material that can keep up with his zealous nature. If you have a girl child make sure that material is cozy and warm enough so that she can comfortably go through read, and picture books and fill out all her color books. 
  2. A kid’s mind and senses are very responsive and sensitive. The likes and dislikes of child change constantly. Have you ever bought an expensive toy for your child and he got bored of it just after two days, sometimes just after a day? The same thing can happen with that expensive couch you bought for a child and to be real it will most likely happen when that sofa set will just sit in your home getting veiled by dust. To solve this problem one should buy a convertible sofa set. A convertible couch is a type of couch that can be converted into different useful essentials like a tent, study table, etc more on that later.   
  3. Constantly replaceable sheets of couch If a child gets bored you can replace the sheet with her favorite cartoon character. This is another way that your child doesn’t get bored.  
  4. Have you ever noticed your child trying to make a tent or a small little house of his own using Stoles and sheets, trying to find nails stuck in walls or tying thread to windows and clustering mess all over the home? A convertible couch solves this problem. The convertible couch can be converted into a tent, home, fort, etc. You may be wondering if such a thing even exists, and the answer to that is Yes, it does. You can check it out on Tiny Explorer. You can also add bright cushions or cushions with their favorite cartoon characters to make it more appealing. 

Other important things to take care of 

Size – The sofa set should contain ample space so that child can play and jump around and experiment with his creativity with safety so you don’t have to care about your child getting hurt. 

Material – The material should be kid friendly and durable at the same time. Here are some basic things about material that you should keep in mind while buying your sofa set.  

  1. Make sure that material is RHOS certified RHOS stand for the restriction of a hazardous substance. The stuffing with RHOS certification does not release any harmful substance that will harmful to kids. 
  2. Make sure the stuffing inside the sofa is dense enough so it will last for a longer period.  
  3. You cannot ignore the fact that the material used should be durable. Especially if you are having a boy child.  

Convertible – A child can’t stay excited about the same thing forever. Convertible couches can solve this problem of children getting bored too easily. If designs of the sofa are such that they can be converted into anything like a small tent, fort, slide, study table, and bed all at once and into anything that child creativity allows. This will encourage creativity and imagination in children. 

Child-safe material – Children are curious and adventurous but they can’t sustain themselves. They don’t take care of themselves; they need someone to look after them. For that reason, we should be picky about the things that we buy for them. Let it be toys or a sofa set. Avoid buying a sofa set that bears sharp corners and blunt edges. Incidents of children hurting themselves with sharps are more than common. Consider buying a kids sofa set that is entirely made of soft materials like sponge, cotton, and foam.   

Choose a sofa set with internalized zippers. A zipper on the covering can impart tears in a child’s sensitive skin.  

Washable – Children don’t know that we should keep things clean. If you leave your child in a room and visit after just ten minutes and overlook your child you will feel that there was a burglary. 

The need to wash the covering sheets will be more than frequent. Make sure you are buying the sofa set whose sheets are easy to wash and stains easily eradicate with just one wash.  It will be convenient for you if you have flexible washing options. Like hand washing and machine washing. So, you can wash your sheets your way. 

Multi-purpose couch – There is no end to a child’s imagination. It will be great if your couch can be used as a study table, a dinner table, and a play area at the same time.  

Easy to carry – Your child will really like it if you can carry his sofa set with you while you travel. It will be like you are carrying his home.    


The most important thing to take care of while buying a new kids sofa set is the preference of your child. Make sure you are buying a couch of his favorite color and design. All the rest of the things are important but secondary. 

Checklist of other important things that you should keep in mind are listed below:

  1. Size 
  2. Materials 
  3. Convertible 
  4. Child safe materials 
  5. Washable 
  6. Multi-purpose couch 
  7. Easy to carry

You can easily find such convertible kid couches on Amazon, Flipkart and various e-commerce websites.