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Top 5 Pet Bird’s Ideal For Kids

Kids and pet birds make one of the strongest, selfless and loving bonds. Having pet birds is great idea to engage your kids in indoor playful activities. Moreover, kids learn to be more compassionate, caring and responsible towards birds and other animals. On the other hand, birds make ideal pets. These chirpy, feathery fellows are so full of life, playful as well as easy to take care of. If you are planning to have pet birds for your kids, here are some suggestions that will surely help you decide:

Top five ideal pet birds for your kids:

1. Parakeet Or Budgie Birds!

Parakeets are one of the ideal pet birds. These little feathery fellows are colorful, attractive and so full of life. Budgie birds are quite talkative and surprisingly, they have a large vocabulary. You can train your parakeet to speak a few words, but of course it will take some time. They require small space so their cage/ house can easily fit in your living room or terrace. When given proper care and attention, they quickly become best friend with owners.

2. Canary or Finch

Canary or finches are small birds, ideal to be kept at home. All they need is proper housing, food and water and of course your attention. Unlike other pet birds who bond quickly, finches take some time to bond with their owner. However, with care and attention, kids win their hearts and make good friends. Another recommendation is that you should bring these birds in pairs so they may not feel lonely and caged.   

3. Cockatoos

Cockatoos are known for being funny, naughty, affectionate and exceptional companion birds. Thanks to their talkative and friendly nature just like macaws. They are so easy to get along with. However, if you decide to have cockatoos as pet birds, you need to make sure that you spend plenty to time with them. Cockatoos have rather complex behavior sometimes. Sometimes, they tend to scream aloud and panic. This usually happens when they face prolonged captivity and not given the proper care and attention. 

Therefore, when you have a cockatoo, take care of them properly. When given proper care and attention, cockatoo makes a wonderful companion. They are cuddly, loving and quite talkative. So, these are one of ideal pet birds for your kids. 

4. Cockatiel 

Cockatiel, also known as weiro bird or quarrion are cute, smart and affectionate birds. They tend to be talkative and playful. Therefore, they don’t like to spend much time in cage. They make excellent bonds with kids. If you plan to have Cockatiel for your kids, make sure to provide them all basic needs. Also, they whistle well and love to play with some small stuffed toys. Just like some of parakeet, Cockatiel can be trained to speak a few words.

5. Love birds 

For the beginner, love birds are another ideal choice. These are small parrots and extremely attractive. Usually, they live in flocks. So, it’s better to have them in pairs. They are easy to care and easily bond with their owners. One thing to keep in mind is that they are strong chewer. Thus, you better not mess with them. They love fleshy fruits and vegetables. When properly cared for, love birds can live up to 10-12 years. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Having Pet Birds!

In addition to these five pet birds for the kids, there are surely few more options. However, if you decide to have any of the pet birds, here are some things to keep in mind:

Do I really need a pet bird?

Pets are loyal, selfless and affectionate companions. No matter, it’s a cat; dog or a bird, having a pet is lifelong commitment. Therefore, think again if you are ready for this or not. Moreover, if you are having pet birds for kids, it will be really difficult to give them away. Kids make strong bond with pets. They will be left heartbroken if separated from their feathery best friend. So, consider this point.  

Do I have sufficient time and resources to have a pet bird!

Birds need proper diet, nutrition, housing/cage and medical care when required. Failing to provide any of this, will surly affect the health of pet birds. Moreover, they are prone to feel lonely as birds generally live in flock. Make sure to take care of them properly. Spend some quality time with your pet bird, it will help them socialize and adjust to home environment.

Last but not the least; choose the bird that is compatible with kids; affectionate, kids-friendly and easy to get along.

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