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Decorative pillow covers

Pillow basics you might not have known

Healthy sleep is the way to achieve a comfortable sleep and good health. Pillows need some real attention from us since they are in close contact with our head for the whole night. Any contamination in the pillows can mix up with the air we breathe in and can also infect our skin. Here are a few pillow basics you might not have paid attention to.   

Pillows need covers for sure

During earlier days, nice pillowcases did the whole job for you. Nowadays, you must make it a point to use the pillows with protective covers on. A good pillow cover zipped onto your pillows can block the dust mites, bed bugs and other allergic elements. In addition, it can also protect the pillow from accumulating the dirt and oil from your skin. It is necessary to wash the pillow cover thoroughly at least once in a month. Decorative pillow covers can give an aesthetic feel and can significantly enhance the quality of your sleep. 

Pillows can’t last for eternity

Pillows have a lifetime and once it is over, you must change them for new ones. If you are waking up every morning with a stiff or sore neck, it might be time to shop for pillows. Crumbling foam pillows, a down pillow that has lost its loft, or if a stuffed pillow is sagging or found lumpy, it is time to toss it and procure a new one. 

One size pillow can’t fit all

The type of pillow that will suit you will depend on your sleeping habits and some exclusive preferences. Raj Rao, M.D., professor of orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery at George Washington University School of Medicine says, for side sleepers, “a pillow that keeps the head and neck generally in line with the torso is a good option”. Back sleepers need to take some real caution since the degenerative changes in the neck can cause some pinching in the nerves while we age which can aggravate muscle pain the next day.

Pillows need cleaning

Occasionally, develop the habit of throwing your pillows inside your washing machine in order to get rid of the dust, dirt, and your hair and skin particles. Synthetic or foam filled pillows are safe to wash in gentle cycles. You can dry them under moderate heat for an hour after a clean wash. 

There are good number of options

There are many choices when it comes to pillows. Synthetic pillows cost less. They are easy to care for and will suit those prone to allergic reactions. However, they have shorter lifespans, typically from six months to a year or two depending on the usage. While cotton pillows are natural and not allergenic, they can clump over time.

The feather variety can be a soft pick. However, those with allergies might not find it a good option. Down pillows are among the most expensive ones but they last for long. If you want the best kind of support for your neck and back, memory foam is the right option. Side and back sleepers can get a good amount of support with this pillow for their neck and back.

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