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brewing coffee at home

Check out some popular methods of brewing coffee at home

There is nothing more refreshing and better than a cup of strongly brewed coffee. And it is even better if the coffee has been brewed in the home itself. So you can ditch your automatic coffee maker for a while as here are some popular methods to brew your coffee at home. Also, your brewing method will bring you a personal taste that your taste buds crave for. All you need is ground coffee to get that authentic taste of the coffee. So here are the popular styles to brew coffee at home:

Pour over: coffee cone

This is one of the oldest ways to brew ground coffee at home. The process is straightforward and fast. No special equipment is used in this method. It would help if you had a coffee cone and paper filter. Boil water in a pan and pour it over the coffee grounds held in a paper filter. Make sure that the water is poured evenly. The brewed coffee drops fall in the cup placed below the filter paper. 

There are various types of coffee cones available in the market. The shape and filters of these coffee cones affect the flavor of the coffee. The coffee cones are available in plastic, glass, steel, and ceramic materials. You may choose anyone as per your convenience. 

Pour over: Chemex

Chemex is a pour-over glass flask that was invented in the early 1940s. Chemex flasks use a filter paper that is generally 30 to 40 percent heavier than the normal paper filters. The process is similar to coffee cones. Hot water is poured over the ground coffee, and brewed coffee is collected in the cup placed below the flask. The flavor of the coffee brewed from the Chemex flask is more refined and balanced due to the heavier paper filter it uses. 

French press

The French press method was invented in 1929. It is widely regarded as the most effective and easiest way to brew coffee at home. In the french press method, the ground coffee is first soaked and strained in hot water. This allows the essential oils of the coffee to get diffused in the water. What is left is a superior quality of flavor in those ground coffee beans. It has a considerably strong taste, but this coffee brewing method also brings you a superior taste of the coffee. Moreover, this method also preserves the antioxidants in the ground coffee that are beneficial for us. 

Aero press

The Aero press is fairly new and makes use of atmospheric pressure to brew coffee from the ground coffee beans. The press is generally made up of plastic and consists of 3 parts. The filter is placed at the bottom of the brewing chamber. In the brewing chamber, coffee grounds are added along with hot water. A plunger is used to press down the coffee. This system works much like that of a syringe. The submerged coffee grounds in hot water are pressed down, and due to atmospheric pressure, the coffee gets collected in the cup placed below the filter. 

Vacuum: siphon

Siphon is an impressive coffee maker. In fact, it is one of the most flashy and trendy coffee makers. You would be surprised to know that this trendy coffee maker is one of the earliest invented coffee makers. It was invented in 1840 in Germany. It consists of two vessels. The upper vessel is filled with coffee grounds, and the lower vessel is filled with hot water. Both the vessels are connected by a tube. The hot water immerses the coffee due to vapor pressure, and after the heat is removed, brewed coffee is collected in the lower vessel. 

These are the popular methods of brewing coffee at home. So buy coffee grounds and try brewing your own cup of coffee at the comfort of your home. 

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