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Predict your love marriage through online love astrology

Smita, belonging to a middle-class family, wanted to marry the love of her life Swaraj with whom she has been in a relationship since college. Now, it has been more than 5years, and still, they both cannot marry each other because of family problems. Her family was against this marriage as they believed that whomever she would marry would not lead a healthy marriage life from some old source. They thought that the union would not last long and have adverse issues. Helplessly, Smita looked forward to some online astrology solutions and happened to come across online love astrology.

There she learned about various problems she was facing in her love life, and with the help of those solutions provided by the love match online, she is now happily married to Swaraj and her parents’ consent. Not only Smita, but many people have got their problems solved through these online matchmaking services, which have proved successful in solving many people’s queries and getting them remedies.

Marriages are made in heaven, but with the help of these online marriage matching, we could predict the nature and personality of the partners we are going to marry and what type of marriages like love or arrange.

Things that indicate love marriage in love astrology

Various things mean love marriage from the birth chart itself, and they are:-

  • Venus is the planet that is responsible for various ups and downs in marriage and love-related issues.
  • When there is a conjunction of Rahu and Venus in various planets of zodiac signs, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio or in houses like those of 5th,7th,2nd, and 8th indicates love marriage.
  • From the Kundli, one can predict love marriage through love astrology by looking at the matches of lagnas of the bride and the groom.
  • Also, when the 7th lord of your house is in places like the 1st,5th, or 12th, there are chances of love marriage in astrology.
  • Venus is the planet responsible for love whose Position in the house is studied in association with the Rahu, moon, Mars Lord of the ascendant, and the house is like 5th, 7th, and 12th to know the chances of love marriage through love Kundli match.
  • The moon position in the house of the native’s chart is also considered as the moon is responsible for various deeds and fruits one receives in his lifetime. It also denotes the actions and thoughts of our minds.

Apart from these, many other related things signify love marriage in astrology through marriage horoscope matching.

Planetary positions in the love astrology for love marriage

Various planets are responsible for causing either problems or benefits to the native’s marriage. Some of these are:-

  • If the planet moon is under the influence of planets like Venus or Mars, it indicates the native’s interest in the opposite gender, which could give chances of marrying the person you love.
  • There are also some planets like Rahu or Ketu, which are considered malefic, and their impacts on the 7tg house may cause problems in marriage.
  • If the moon is present in either of the 5th,7th, or 12th houses, it also indicates love marriage in love astrology.
  • Planets like Jupiter, Saturn are also one of those planets which cause an impact on the native’s marriage to a large extent.
  • There are certain beneficial planets like those of Jupiter, whose location in any house of the native’s chart causes positive impacts on his life.

These are the various aspects and planetary positions which influence our lives to a large extent. Also, many things can be predicted through the planetary positions of different planets from the birth chart or Kundli through horoscope matching.

What is Ashta Koota Milan and details into love astrology?

Asta Koota Milan is considered one of the significant ways of predicting the compatibility of both the bride and the groom through the birth chart. There are 35points in total, among which whatever marks obtained through love matchmaking checks their compatibility. There is a total of eight yogas that are considered in the matchmaking process. They are:-

  • Varna-There are a total of four varnas, like Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, and Sudras. Generally, the Varna should be the same to have good compatibility between the bride and the groom.
  • Vashya-This factor represents the temperament between both of them and affection and love too.
  • Tara-This aspect of the horoscope determines the health, longevity of the partners. It also refers to the lunar mansions of the horoscope, which are a total of 27 in number. This can be predicted through love astrology.
  • Yoni-This category of horoscope indicates biological compatibility and physical satisfaction of the partners.
  • Graha Maitri-This aspect of the Kundli represents The overall outlook and the compatibility of the mentality of both the partners. In this case, the moon sign is concerned.
  • Gana Maitri-There is a total of three ganas, likewise Manav Gana, Deva Gana, and rakshasa Gana. Generally, the gana of the bride should be less than that of the groom. It represents the general characteristics and prosperity in marital life.
  • Bhakoot- This horoscope category generally indicates the family welfare, financial and professional compatibility, or status of both partners.
  • Nadi-It talks about the children and the overall health factors after marriage through matchmaking Kundli.

Apart from this kind of match matching, other criteria also signify love marriage in kundlis.

Problems and doshas in love astrology

Various problems like Doshas in the birth chart that causes a delay in marriage and even critical issues regarding the wedding. Not checked beforehand, in severe cases, it may lead to the partner’s death and cause severe problems in the marital life. Various doshas in the Kundli occur due to the planetary positions in the birth chart. Certain planets are positioned in such a way, causing delays in marriages. For example, when Saturn is connected with the 7th lord, there is weak positioning of Venus, the 7th lord is weak in that horoscope, more fragile placement of Jupiter or the 7th house is empty. Those certain planetary positions are:-

  • When the planets like Rahu and Ketu are present at a 180-degree angle, and no other planets occupy any different positions except in these two planets, the native has Kaal sarpa dosha. This dosha leads to various problems in marriages and generally prevents unions. This dosha can be predicted by love astrology.
  • When planet Mars is in the malefic position in the house, which is concerned with marriage in either of the Lagna, moon, or navamsa chart, it is considered low mangal dosha. If mars is in all three charts, then it is a high mangal dosha. Generally, a Manglik should marry Manglik to nullify the dosha.

Apart from these two doshas, there are various other doshas like Shani dosha and many more, which can be predicted through online marriage astrology.

Remedies regarding the doshas in love astrology

There are various remedies which are being suggested by love matching test to nullify for each dosha like:-

  • Kumbh vivah or Vishnu worship for mangal dosh. One can also do Mangal Shanti Pooja for Mangal dosha.
  • Chant of Maha Mrutyunjay Mantra daily for Kaal sarp dosh.

By following these steps and understanding the various aspects of the horoscope, you can get a perfect life partner for you and lead a happy and prosperous marital life.

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