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What is Project Administration Software System? The Capture FAQ

Which project management program for which type of business (SME or large company)?

Most of the software in our project management software catalog is ideal for small businesses.

For large businesses, be sure to filter the software directory based on the number of users to get a list of tools that are more targeted and more suited to your needs. Finally, the tools in our catalog of project portfolio management software will probably be more suitable for TGEs.

What is the best project management software for IT teams?

IT teams often use Agile-based project management tools. They are advised to look for project management software that offers features such as bug tracking, collaboration, issue management, project progress tracking, and test / QA management.

What is the best project management software for marketing teams?

In project management software, marketing teams will mainly use the functionalities of budget management, collaboration, file sharing, idea management, monitoring of project progress and task management. If you work in digital marketing, look for a tool that offers these features.

What is the difference between an online project management (Seas) tool and installed software?

Users of online project management software access it through the Internet. The data is stored on the software publisher’s remote hardware. On the other hand, installed project management software is present locally on your computer, and so is the data. It’s like Google Docs and Microsoft Word: with Google Docs, documents are stored online by Google, while with Microsoft Word; documents are saved locally on the user’s computer.

What is open source project management software?

Open source software is software whose copyright owner has given permission to the public to modify and distribute the source code. As the code is accessible to everyone, open source programs are often developed in collaboration with several professionals. Open source project management software is therefore software designed in this way and equipped with project management features.

What is the difference between project management software and software for technical support (ITSM)?

Project management software and a software support (ITSM) have similar features. ITSM software is often used to run projects and provides tools for change management, project management, task management, and collaboration. However, this type of software is more focused on providing IT services, whereas project management software focuses exclusively on planning and executing projects.

What is the difference between project management software and project portfolio management software?

It is possible to group together several projects within a portfolio. Project portfolios can be owned by a company, department, or any entity that deals with projects. Project portfolio management software and project management software often have features in common: budget management, problem management, task management or even collaboration. Project portfolio management software can potentially manage individual projects, but it mainly aims to give the big picture. Conversely, project management software manages specific projects, without necessarily giving a more global overview of the different projects.

What is the difference between project management software and risk management software?

Risk management is often included in project management: it consists of identifying, assessing and mitigating risks and their possible impacts in a company. In project management, risk management relates specifically to the risks associated with a project. Risk management software provides tools for analyzing and mitigating risks, such as business process control, corrective and preventive actions, and compliance management. In project management software, the risk management functionalities, if they exist, are limited to the risks associated with the projects.

What is the difference between task management software and project management software?

It is often isolated individuals who use task management tools in order to manage their own work. This kind of software provides checklists of user actions and can cover non-project specific tasks. Project management software is most often collaborative and is used specifically for projects or for tasks related to a project or a deadline.

What kind of reports can project management software offer?

The reporting features of project management software vary. For example, most offer reports on budget and resource management, while others also allow you to create reports on project time or progress tracking.

Is there free project management software available?

Yes! Capture’s list of the 10 best free solutions for project management include Write, Asana, and, three great tools. Read through the different advantages and disadvantages to find the system that best suits your needs.

What are the disadvantages of using project management software?

Using project management software usually brings more advantages than disadvantages. However, the application of strict project management guidelines can hamper creativity and reduce innovation. Team members can also feel confined by the software and focus only on deadlines, losing sight of the whole project.

Do you have any clearer ideas? Consult our catalog of project Folio3 feedlot management software to make your choice of application.

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