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Reasons Why Your Website Needs Captcha and the Cons of It

Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart or commonly known as Captcha is one of the most integral parts of the internet. You know the form where you have to input the answer that it asks you such as guess the images which are usually distorted characters and digits or maybe images from some random stuff such as traffic lights and vehicles.

Yes, it will sound easy for most of you but you will be surprised with the 2Captcha, a service that is designed to solve Captcha. Yes, Captcha can be this hard for humans and bots. Though Captcha was designed to go hard on bots over the years the hardness of the Captcha has been increased for humans users as well and this is where the 2captcha can be very handy.

But you must be wondering that why should I use Captcha on my website? It can be solved by the 2captcha API but you are forgetting only human users can go for it because the service isn’t free. However, let’s talk about why Captcha is good for you.

Eliminate Brute Force Attacks

Brute force attacks have a long history and they are quite common for webmasters. This is the major reason behind Captcha getting harder. In a brute force attack, the hackers will try to log in to your account by trying out several combinations of passwords. If you have a simple password such as your date of birth without any combination of letters and digits then your account is prone to get hacked. However, implementing Captcha upon signups can make a lot of difference in terms of security. You can also use the captcha app if Captcha is too hard for you to sign in.

Secure Online Shopping

Often the E-commerce websites are prone to hit by brute force attacks because they conations sensitive information of the user such as credit card and bank account. Usually, the Captcha implementation upon signups and while check out can help the AI to decide that whether or not the user is the real one or there was a bot mimicking human action. But with Captcha, the online shopping experience can be secured efficiently.

Elimination of Ticket Touting

When there is a huge event such as a concert, release of an anticipated movie, or some important match then most of us will tend to book a ticket in advance online through their official or third-party websites. This has become quite a norm and convenient these days. However, this has also caused ticket touting as well. The scrapers will buy too many tickets with different accounts created by automated signups and then sell them at a high price.

This is why ticketing websites put Captcha on their websites so bots couldn’t get in their website or at least increase the wait time that discourages the bot users. However, the real user may have to use a 2captcha bot to complete the Captcha if the website has too many Captcha to be solved.

Elimination of Multiple Signups

We all know how beneficial free signups can be. A huge number of reputed websites from Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Hotmail offer free signup and tons of services and features free. However, these free signups can be misused by hackers and spammers who can create multiple accounts and then use the platforms for their malicious purposes. When Captcha is used and especially some interactive Captcha types then bots will never be able to perform the captcha challenge and humans can easily use the free signups.

Secure the Comment Section

Another reason for using Captcha on your website in the comment section that can be bombarded with unnecessary information by spammers. They can post the link to their websites or some malicious links that can harm the computers or hack the browsers of other users. These automated comments can be eliminated by the implementation of Captcha as the challenges by Captcha are most of the time hard for bot users. And even for human users where they have to use 2 Captcha to bypass Captcha.

The Cons of Using Captcha

Though Captcha is one of the best ways to secure websites from hacking and spambots, not everything is good with it and comes with the cost such as:

It can be Too Difficult

Captcha in general is difficult and after all, what would be the point of having Captcha if it is too easy to solve. However, sometimes the Captcha can be too tricky to solve especially the match Captcha, audio Captcha, and riddle based Captcha without using the 2captcha. Several users have reported that they had to leave the page and if this is happening in your website’s case then it will increase the bounce rate and if you know SEO then you already know how bad it affects the ranking of your website in search engines.

Disrupting User Experience

This is another drawback of using captcha. Users will easily get annoyed when out of nowhere Captcha will be triggered and there will be no way except 2captcha API to bypass the Captcha. Users don’t like to complete Captcha again and again and this annoying experience will just ruin their experience and this will leave your website for a better alternative. Not only it will affect the user experience but the fact is it will affect your website traffic badly as well.

Time Consuming

Even with the captcha app, it is a fact that sometimes it can consume too much time, especially when you have slow internet or you are unable to understand the words and letters in the captcha iamge. This will not only increase the frustration but will discourage you to leave the platform.


Either loves it or hates it, Captcha is here to stay and it will do what it was intended to do. However, if you think Captcha is too hard for you and don’t have any idea how to solve it then all you need is to opt for 2captcha, an easy-to-use Captcha solving service that can be used to solve Captcha within no time at a fraction of a cost.

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