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Marriage Proposal – Romantic Ideas for You

Once you’ve found true love, put a ring on it! When it comes to relationships, we often await to achieve beautiful milestones one step at a time. Somewhere along these steps is the marriage proposal you got to prepare for your special someone! 

There are so many creative ways to bring together a marriage proposal but the most important factor of all is capturing the moment in heart and telling the proposal story for generations to come. So, if you’re planning to pop the question and begin the life of happily ever after with your better half, here’s how to do it right. 

Got to gain the blessings 

The first step towards executing a marriage proposal is to gain her parent’s blessing and of course yours too. Despite it being old school, it is still a respectful tradition that can go a long way. While some couples don’t find the need to go through such a process, most do. Therefore, the safest way with that’ll ensures no bumps on the road is to approach her parents and ensure everything is on track for the future you seek to build with her. 

Select your choice of ring 

There is an endless design of gorgeous engagement rings out there for you to select from. Knowing her preference beforehand can help you narrow down the choice to suit her and her personality and of course it should be a statement piece that defines your love too! From silver to gold to rose gold to a variety of stones in different shapes, sizes and colour, the choices in front of you are vast. However, don’t let that don’t you, just let it guide you until you feel ‘it’s the one’. 

Reach out for the right help

Reaching out to both hers and your friends or siblings can be a great benefit in terms of ensuring all details are to point. It will also help you keep her distracted while you prepare the needful unnoticed for the big surprise. You do however, need to ensure the people you involve are trustworthy and know to keep a secret! Not being too careful can only ruin your surprise and muddle up your plans. 

Bring your ideas to life 

When it comes to planning your proposal ideas and bringing it to life, the first and foremost on your list should be the location. Often people tend to choose locations based on a particular emotional attachment, however even if the proposal is an in-house candle lit dinner, the milestone will never falter. Next on your list the timing, decorations and set up. The decorations often include ‘marry me’ signs, balloons and of course flowers! You can never go wrong with flowers. 

Lastly, get yourself a proper backstory in order to get her to the location and do not forget to hire a photographer in order to capture all the beautiful moments during the proposal. Starting from getting down on your knee to putting a ring on her finger. Let us know how it goes!