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safest places during war

The Safest Place To Live If There Is World War 3

Nowadays there is a lot of tension going on between the USA and China. The country which has advanced weapons will win. The country with best guns in modern warfare and other communication will have the upper hand in that war. Countries that support the USA will also jump into the war. China also has some allies who would openly come in support of them.

If there is world war 3,  which would be the safest place to live on the earth. We know this is an imaginary situation but if it comes true. No one had thought about covid 19 like situation would arise in their dream also but it happened.

Two Safest Places During War

  • Canada
  • New Zealand

Let us discuss in more detail about count

1. Canada

One of the safest heaven for the people during troubled times is Canada. The country is having an ample amount of supply natural resources which would help in catering to the needs of the people during warlike situations. The country is well protected from all sides, the USA is its neighbor and is its close ally of Canada. Another side is safeguarded by Alaska. One side of the coast has a lot of islands. So there is no immediate threat of invasion. Also, the rocky mountain on the west side acts as a barrier and gives a geographical advantage to the Canadian army. It is a fortress that has been guarded by nature itself it has a difficult condition for human beings around -15 average temperature and around 9m on an average snowfall. With hilly and mountainous terrain. It has been strong military ties with other countries. The economy of Canada is self-reliant so they can survive any big financial loss. The country is more dependent on the immigrant population nowadays job opportunities are ample so people will not stay unemployed it has a good medical system that can tackle the casualties at a faster rate.

2. New Zealand

This is the most geographically isolated country but since World War 2 it has worked very closely with the countries to build up the ties. It has created a peace-loving image of its country which is a mix of local and immigrants, who are living very peacefully in this part of the world. It has a good relationship with commonwealth countries, UK, USA and it also as NATO membership. As it has such strong military ties country attacking giving an invitation to all the world’s powerful countries to attack it. Which would not be a good idea.

Other Safe Places

  • Iceland
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom


Though this is a hypothetical situation need to be prepared for it. So give a thought of migrating to any of the above-mentioned countries would make your and your loved one’s life more simple. Canada has always been the choice of the people who want to migrate. Here the immigration process is also not very tedious and the country is very friendly in nature for people who moved there. So what is stopping is you, Canada is calling you.

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