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What are the benefits of a successful SEO campaign?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains an effective and vital marketing strategy despite a dramatic change in the digital landscape. The SEO service boosts the organic ranking of a website in the search result that drives more traffic, visibility, and eventually increases the potential for sales for a company. 

The service is thus used as a marketing tool by companies regardless of the industry to create a formidable online presence and generate a return on investment (ROI). Firms can expect the following benefits of SEO campaign once it is successful in ranking their websites on SERP on keywords with high search volume relevant to products and services: 

Increase in organic traffic 

The first benefit of an SEO campaign is a boost in ranking for a website. Once a website starts ranking on the top of a search result with specific keywords, it is bound to enjoy more organic traffic from search engines and referral sites. 

Researchers say that 90% of visitors do not go fast beyond the first page to find information or buy essential products online. It is further necessary to note that 70% of users prefer to click on the top three organic results instead of crawling down. If these studies are to be believed, it has become more critical for companies to have websites ranked on the top three, or at least in the first page for more visibility. 

Some of the businesses fail to bring visitors despite ranking on the top, and it may be due to an unattractive description used on the targeted pages. With relevant title tags and attractive meta descriptions, click-through-rate is bound to increase for websites. 

Cost-effectiveness of SEO service 

SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy that has the potential to drive qualified leads and generate sales. The average cost of an SEO campaign is lesser than paid advertising, where firms need to spend money on each click on an ad. It is further necessary to note that SEO can bring sales to a business as the campaign targets keywords that potential customers search online. SEO can be regarded as a marketing process to gain sales and traffic in a more extended period, unlike the paid ads, which stops once firms stop paying to Google. 

Increase site’s friendliness and usability 

SEO activities involve technical optimization of websites to improve navigation and usability for visitors. The SEO campaign includes arranging a site’s architecture to enable users to find desired pages easily during navigation. The main objective of this activity is to optimize websites for easy crawling for search algorithms and give visitors an easy life while browsing. 

Brand awareness and reputation 

Websites ranking on the top of the search result get higher impression and clicks. Companies having sites on the top search result enjoy a higher reputation and brand awareness across the web. In other words, top ranking can be associated with credibility, fame, and exposure for a brand that helps to surge ahead of the competitors. The higher reputation of brands translates into more direct traffic and sales for a business. 

Key ingredients of a successful SEO campaign 

Although SEO is a reliable internet marketing strategy, it has evolved to become trickier with passing days. Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy that can’t deliver results in the first month itself in ethical methods. Companies often have hard times in ranking websites at the top of the search result page if Google’s and other search engine guidelines are not actively followed in optimization. 

It is further a reminder for SEO professionals that every business is unique and needs a different approach for a quick increase in organic traffic and sales. It is also necessary to implement the best SEO practices and methods to boost ranking in a short time. Here are the critical techniques of a successful SEO campaign: 

Technical SEO techniques 

  • Page speed optimization 
  • Site crawling and site indexing 
  • Checking for broken links and removed pages for a redirect 

On-page SEO activities 

  • Keywords targeting and implementation 
  • Optimize page titles and meta description 
  • URL optimization 
  • Optimization of images with proper alt tags 
  • Customize landing pages with targeted keywords 
  • Internal linking for greater accessibility 
  • Mobile-friendliness and usability 
  • Comments on high-authority and relevant sites 

Off-page SEO activities 

  • Link building with high domain authority and relevant website 
  • Creating social media signals 
  • Quality content creation and submission
  • Email marketing
  • Newsletter 
  • Social bookmarking 
  • Brand mention 
  • Guest posting 

SEO is a combination of primarily two essential techniques: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO activities, while technical SEO looks after the crawling and indexing of websites by search engine robots.

Key takeaway 

SEO is still an important marketing strategy with the capability to bring potential traffic and sales for a business if done according to search engine guidelines and ethical methods. For achieving such results from SEO services, companies should hire a reliable SEO agency that follows best in industry practices in optimization. 

About the author:

The author is a content writer at Yash Gola, a leading SEO company in India that provides customized SEO packages to firms based on their needs and business goals regardless of the industry verticals.

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