SharePoint Administrator certification – A Path Full of Opportunities


Today’s job market is evolving rapidly. The need for specialized personnel has increased. Several different job avenues have opened demanding individuals for specialized roles with multiple skills. At such a prime time of employment, you stand to benefit from Sharepoint online administrator training. Keep reading to get a brief idea of what it is and the jobs you can get after it!

Sharepoint Online Administrator Training – What is it?

The SharePoint online administrator training helps you learn a suite of Microsoft Office 365 that enables the use of cloud technology in businesses. SharePoint allows a business to enhance its collaboration and efficiency of communication.

The demand for candidates with knowledge of SharePoint has turned out to be huge. You can acquire certification training through online and offline channels. Based on Microsoft’s personal course 55238-B the training helps you develop skills related to SharePoint. Some of these skills are:

  • Understanding and learning the architecture of Sharepoint,
  • Introduction to all the components of the application,
  • Hands-on experience in configuration of components and options of the system,
  • Working with site collections and storage options,
  • Managing SharePoint profiles, etc.

We recommend you opt for training in Sharepoint online for administrators.

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What is the role of the SharePoint Online Administrator?

The SharePoint Administrator is responsible for working on various tasks. We have listed the important tasks that have listed below-

  • Responsible for ensuring the workability of the server. The company can save millions of dollars by rescuing from unnecessary downtime.
  • Accountable for SharePoint usage and activity.
  • Responsible for correct operations by balancing network load.
  • Monitoring & analyzing regularly SharePoint trends, content & storage.
  • Keep updated with the governance guidelines.
  • Responsible for executing all the required actions. 
  • Regularly configure SharePoint accounts & sites.

Careers available after the certification

It is recommended that you get a SharePoint online administrator training if you’re a student of IT. It opens up a plethora of job opportunities that you can avail!

The most in-demand job roles are:

  • SharePoint AdministratorAn SharePoint Administrator takes care of the implementation, management, and administration process. They typically take care of responsibilities like installation, configuration, up-gradation, administration of sites, and subsites.
  • They are responsible for reviewing and monitoring usage reports, security, document configurations, and SharePoint architecture, etc.
  • SharePoint DeveloperIn this role, you are responsible for the creation of scalable and secure interface-based applications, writing and modification of code for applications and sites, software testing and providing support for any issues that may arise in the system.
  • SharePoint ArchitectAs a SharePoint Architect you will be responsible for conducting discovery sessions to gather requirements for the SharePoint system.
  • You’ll need to create technical and functional documentation. You will be responsible for design SharePoint sites and applications. It will help in creating the infrastructure architecture for the deployment of SharePoint.
  • SharePoint AnalystOften clubbed with administrative roles in smaller companies the duties of an analyst are to provide technical analysis regarding business projects, recommend necessary changes to SharePoint policies and third-party products.
  • They help in ensuring optimization and automation, deliver value to departments by identification of needs, and ensuring best races are in place.


All the career options that have listed offer lucrative pay packages as well. We recommend getting a certification for SharePoint online administrators as this enhances your value in the market. You can opt for certification training at an online institute.

These institutes base their training on Microsoft’s 55238-B. It helps you learn the skills that you need for SharePoint comprehensively. The hands-on experience benefits your mobility of the system. Go online and enroll yourself for a SharePoint certification today! 

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