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Enjoy Shopping and Culture near Student Accommodation Cardiff

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After joining a university in Cardiff, when you shift to a student accommodation Cardiff, the major thing that you would like to do is to explore the city. Every city has some specialty and shopping and culture are the specialties of Cardiff.

As a matter of fact, it is the capital city of Wales and is considered as the most significant administrative, shopping, and culture center of the country.

Shopping in Cardiff

Shopping in Cardiff is undoubtedly an amazing experience for the visitors. If you staying or are going to stay in Cardiff as a student then you will get enough time to explore the shopping centers of the city.

There are some wonderful shopping centers in the city, about some of which you can read below.

Capitol shopping center is one of the popular shopping centers in Cardiff with plenty of stores for a variety of requirements. 

Some of the popular stores of this center include:

The Atma Lounge: It is a special café dedicated to vegetarian and vegan foods.

Boba Time: Bob Time is a Hub for people who like to enjoy bubble tea.

HGC Scooters: HGC Scooters is a special place where e-scooters are available for beginner to expert level. HGC Scooters is also a wonderful destination for individuals who like to buy electric scooters.

RM Boxing & Fitness or Ringmaster UK: RM Boxing & Fitness also known as Ringmaster UK is a leading retailer of equipment related to Boxing, MMA, Martial arts, Fitness, Training, Fitness, and sportswear.

These are a few popular stores’ names. In addition to them, you can find many other popular stores as well as small stores.

St David’s Dewi Sant

St. David Dewi Sant comprises over 150 stores, cafes, and restaurants. It is one of the ideal places for individuals for shopping, dining, and seeing the latest movie releases.

Royal Arcade

Royal Arcade dates back to the year 1858 and is the oldest arcade of the city. It was started in a retired slum house, was extended by The Cardiff Arcade Company, and became the first full-scale center of the city.  

It is housed in the walls of the arcades of Cardiff and it is a maze of independent stores. It has over 100 retailers, where you can get the best experience.

Cardiff City Center

Cardiff city center is the commercial and leisure hub of the city. It is also the central business district of the city. The city center comprises the principal shopping streets, which include Queen Street, St. Mary’s Street, and The Hayes. Moreover, it also has large shopping centers as well as numerous decades and lanes.

In addition to the above-mentioned four, you can find a lot more places for shopping in Cardiff.  

Cardiff as a Culture Center

As already mentioned, Cardiff is also a big culture center of the country. When you are living in Cardiff for a long time span, you should also go for exploring this aspect.

Here are some of the cultural destinations you find in Cardiff.

St. Fagans – National History Museum

It is a wonderful place where you can experience the historical metamorphosis of Wales. Here, you can gaze at the beautiful architecture while passing by structures created by Welsh builders. You can also have a look at the life of the average artisan, as a functional blacksmith’s forgery. Moreover, you can witness pottery, a weaver, and two working watermills that highlight conventional craft.

The other things of which you can have the glimpses include the industrial period highlighted in various forms, and traditional festivals, music, and dance events.

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay, once known as “Tigers Bay” was once home to sailors and workers from around 50 different countries. It comprised the residents of Somalian, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Caribbean, Irish, and Greek heritage.

Here, you can hop onto a ferry and sail across the Penarth to start sightseeing. Another major attraction here is renting a bike from pedal power, and pedaling powerfully down the Cardiff Bay Barrage.

At Cardiff Bay, you can also find Techniquest, the longest established science center in the UK, which is capable to enthrall people of all ages.

National Museum and Art Gallery

At this place, you can get the view of highlighted unparalleled events and exhibitions that include a highly visually pleasing depiction of the evolution of Wales. It is popular for pleasing curious university students.

Here, you can witness a great variety of artwork from local artists to internationally renowned painters. Another attraction here is the Clore Discovery Center popular for the study of fossils, insects, and ancient weaponry.

There are several other places of cultural interest in Cardiff, which can give you an enthralling experience.

To Sum Up

Apart from shopping and culture, there are a lot more aspects that you can explore while living in Cardiff. While living in a student accommodation Cardiff, you will be able to spend a memorable time with a lot of fun and frolic.

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