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Social Media Functions For Business

A huge number of users are registered on social networks, all of them are potential buyers. Look at your target audience, can they be on social networks? If yes, then your company should also be there.

  • Social networks – why do businesses need them
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Summary

Social networks – why do businesses need them

In the modern world, just running a website or blog is not enough for full-fledged and effective implementation of a business in the online space. Business promotion in social networks also plays an important role.

Let`s list the main benefits of social networking for business:

  • Search results

The level of activeness in social networks affects the position of a company in search results. And the wider the presence in different social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest) the more likely it is that a user, requesting help from Google, will fall on your company.

  • Total users reach

Don’t forget that social media is used not only by your customers but also by your potential customers. Use social media wisely and more people will know about you.

  • Direct communication with clients

Customers value personal communication. Social media is the perfect platform for this. Here you can get valuable feedback and kill two birds with one stone: improve your products or services and show the clients that their opinions are really important to the company.

  • Working with customers content

By competently launching various contests and challenges, you can encourage customers to create completely free advertising content on their own.

  • Cost-effectiveness

At the top of what was said above is the fact that working with social networks is much less costly than, for example, paid website promotion through contextual media advertising.

You can read more on social media impact on business to get a full understanding.

Read below about the most effective social networks for promoting your business and blog.


Instagram has gained a reputation as one of the prime platforms for entrepreneurs. Pew Research reports that 63% of Instagram users between 18-29 y.o. open this app daily. The main users of Instagram are people who trust social media when making shopping choices.

Through Instagram, you can increase engagement but also communicate with clients. Instagram has many options you can use to engage with users: posts, stories, IGTV videos, live videos, guidelines. If your content is relevant it will appear first in the user’s feed.  An integrated approach is important for interacting with the audience and content.

Instagram is based on the discernment of visuals, on the sentiments of individuals. Post attractive content, contact influencers to help promote your account and the result will not take long to come. 


This platform is not only the main video hosting of the planet. The number of people starting to watch YouTube from the home page as if they were turning on the TV at home has tripled over the past year. This opens up tremendous opportunities for promoting your brand through video marketing. You can start a YouTube channel for your brand for free. It is something of a challenge to stand out of a crowd on this platform but with youtube likes, you can achieve success faster.


Facebook is the place to go with a really serious business: here is the right audience for that. Accounts belong to people of various ages and social statuses, but it is here that most of the accounts of world movie and music stars, deputies and politicians are concentrated. Create a Facebook business page to apply your marketing strategy there.


This microblog social media platform also is attractive to businesses. The uniqueness of Twitter lies in the functions it provides to its users. It is the fact that it differs from other social networks that makes it so in demand. Many are captivated by the ideology of brevity of messages.

Google search engine is very friendly with Twitter, which is used by cunning SEOs. Placing announcements of new materials and links to the site on Twitter significantly accelerate the indexing of both pages and the site as a whole.


This social network gives your business enormous opportunities.

  • Increasing brand awareness.

Telegram channels are many times more effective than pages on other social networks. Reach from publication on the channel – 80-90% of subscribers.

  • Teamwork.

Corporate chats in Telegram are convenient and functional. Set tasks for your team and discuss working moments with colleagues. Transfer photos, videos, screenshots and documents. Use hashtags in your correspondence to avoid losing important information, and stickers to defuse the work environment.

  • Automation of work with clients and subscribers.

Telegram bots are your faithful helpers. They can replace search networks and a whole team of managers and consultants – they answer questions from the audience, search for information for users, conduct polls in chat, broadcast newsletters and collections of materials on your site to subscribers. This takes away a huge part of your routine.


Use social media for business since it is a powerful promotion channel. The main thing to understand is:

  • what do you need social networks for;
  • what can you offer people;
  • who will you attract;
  • how you will interest people;

Find the answers to these questions and you will succeed.

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