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Boost your engagement with free trials of these SMM tools

When you are using social media accounts it gets very difficult to go from one forum to another just to make posts, check messages, or engage with your clients. At some times you see that there is more traffic at 1 am, you cannot stay awake just to post something about your company. Social media marketing tools make this process easier. You don’t need to shift accounts or stay awake in the night to post something etc. you may streamline the process and it might cost you anything or very less than others.

Here are a few social media management tools which you can use to boost your engagement:

1. Socialoomph:

Social oomph is a tool working from 2008, it has both paid and unpaid/free plans. It lets you post a maximum of three posts per hour, and it lets one user post unlimited times. It is a bit old though but it has a lot of benefits and especially for the technicians. Its lets you add all your account at one place, they will be collectively called “My Account”. This tool lets you schedule your posts or let them be queued if you like. You can write blogs for the website and schedule them to be posted on the time you want them or queue them according to the set timings and it will be posted on all your social platforms, where you want it to be.

2. Loomly:

There is no free plan on Loomly but offers a 15 days free costs you the minimum amount of $45 per month, which lets you operate two users and a maximum of ten social accounts. 

Loomly allows you to connect all of your social media accounts, for example, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn Facebook, etc from a simple process. It lets you post on business accounts everywhere and helps you analyze the traffic.  Loomly offers three views: calendar view, list view, and post view. They carry the dates and events, posts a list for important events, and show your post respectively. It also maintains a dashboard which contains an overview of the work.

3. PromoRepublic:

PromoRepublic is a very cheap tool with $9 per month, it gives you a free trial of 14 days. It’s a mixture of design and social media management. It lets you create beautiful content with designs and then you can post it right there. You may schedule or share your posts according to your time, it lets you feel free to post on any platform you want. It has pre-designed graphics that might attract you with that it also carries a lot of topics to write on. Once you select the graphics you may alter them the way you like using its editor. It’s easy to use for ages and demographics.

4. Buffer:

As the name states that it lets you queue your posts, you add your posts in a queue and Buffer posts in at the right time. It lets you post ten posts on three different social accounts. If you want to post more than you have to pay $15 per month. Buffer, when used freely, works fine but if you pay for it its quality improves drastically. It provides you with amazing flexibility when it comes to queuing or posting your blogs or posts. If it is used correctly can provide a lot of material for your social accounts.

5. Hootsuite:

It not only deals with social publishing but it has an app that deals with social listening too. It offers free work if you work on three social accounts with one user. If you want an unlimited offer you have to pay $29 per month, which lets you land in upgraded features.  Hootsuite work in streaming. You set up streaming for different social accounts, Hootsuite helps you in publishing your posts.

6. Agorapulse:

It is a 28 days free trial and one of the most professional and expensive social media tools. Its minimum package is $99 per month. Agorapulse has a unified inbox, it keeps you up to date about your comments, conversations, reviews, and mentions, etc. The Inbox assistant lets you organize your inbox the way you like it and it has a Social Listening Module too, which keeps an ear on the mentions of the brand name. It gives you different ways to post your content, you may add in bulks of posts at a time.

7. Meet Edgar:

 After 14 days of the free trial, Meet Edgar offers you a paid plan for $49 per month. Though here you can pay monthly or annually, it’s up to you! Meet Edgar lets you post different categories of your work. It queues and delivers your content as scheduled. You may schedule weekly posts by defining their category for each slot. Meet Edgar has the inbuilt efficiency to select the newest content in the queue and upload it. It doesn’t have any in-app box or listening capabilities but it helps your schedule your posts for two weeks and shuffles them off and on to create a new order.

8. Later:

Later lets you post on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook but it focuses mainly on Instagram. It doesn’t have any free trial and lets you use one platform with one user and a different number of posts on different social accounts. The thing that differentiates Later from other tools for posting is that it lets you post an image before the content whereas others let you post the content first and images later.

These tools can help you deliver the posts by scheduling them or queuing them. These online tools can boost your engagement to an unbelievable extreme, and they might help you with different and unique ideas Before you upload your content anywhere or visit any tool to select for your posts streamlining you must do the SWOT analysis. This helps you to know your pros and cons.

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