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How to remove background from product photo?

Removing the background from the product image is very popular nowadays. Especially for eCommerce merchants, they badly need it because the image they use to upload on their website must have to be attractive to catch customer’s attention. Having a white background in product images make it more clear and appealing as customers make a quick decision to purchase. In this case, only product photography can’t meet the purpose because the photographer doesn’t have enough time to create such a type of background for particular photos.

Although background removing techniques deals a lot with photos, as it results in,

  • Give images a more professional look.
  • It helps to load the image faster for mobile users.
  • It makes the image file size small.
  • Give an attractive look to images.
  • Remove unwanted objects from the image.

Why do you need to remove the background from an image?

Photography always does not come flawlessly. Here comes the importance of the image editing service. People all around the world are using much software, apps to edit or manipulate their images to make them perfect and professional. The photo editing process can make your images in that way you may want to look at it like. For example, you have some products that you want to sell on an online platform. what should you do? you must have to make them easy to catch viewers’ attention at first view.

It is also worth mentioning that, most of the online platforms like Amazon, recommend a white transparent background in the product image. It has also been included in their website image requirement policy. That’s why, if you are going to sell your products on Amazon, the best way to prepare your images is to remove the background completely.

Photoshop tools are used to remove the background?

Photoshop refers to some non-destructive background removing tools with that you can easily cut out any background of any image. It sounds hard but it’s all about the knowledge and skills through these tools. For your kind information, I am describing here all those Photoshop tools that you can use to remove the background from the image.

The magic wand tools

It is the most common way to remove the background from the product image. This tool creates a selection based on color similarity. If you click it in the middle of a white field, it will select all the white. With a magic wand tool, you change to alter the tool to select a color. Also, the tool comes with tolerance settings that you can use to select fewer or more pixels, depending on how similar they are in color to the pixel you have selected before. The tolerance setting controls the sensitivity of the magic wand tool. This tool can be used to create a selection of pixels that are similar in color to the point where you clicked.

The pen tools

It is another useful tool that is also used to remove the background from the picture. It is also known as a path tool as it allows you to draw a vector path similar to making a selection. In other words, the Photoshop pen tool creates paths and shapes that can be duplicated and manipulated to create complex selections, masks, and objects. Also, you can create multiple paths in a single image, and you can create multiple path segments with this tool. If you want to make your work easy and smooth, then you can use this tool as it creates a vector path unless drawing pixels onto your image. Four different pen tools will come to you when you want to use it,

  • The standard pen tools
  • The curvature pen tool
  • The freeform pen tools
  • The freeform pen tool which is only visible when you adjust the setting of the free form tool.

The eraser tools

It is what it is named, eraser, this tool is a brush that can simply remove any of the pixels into your image which you want to erase. All you need to do is to select the eraser tool and drag the cursor across your selection area. Pixels are erased to transparency, or the background color if the layer is locked. Although it is a basic tool for editing and when you choose this from the toolbar, you may find some options which need to be adjusted.

From the above discussion, it is clear that Photoshop can remove a separate object to its background with the help of some tools. If you have Photoshop knowledge and skills to do it, then you must allow it. Otherwise, you need to be mastered by using these tools if you want to remove the background from images. By the way, there are some websites available that can do the job for you. Some of them are free and others are paid service. If you have product images that you want to upload in your online platform to sell, then you should need to find the best background removing the service provider for sure. But as a recommendation, I would like to mention here, Graphic Design Eye as they are much professional in the graphic design sector.

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