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An Overview of Counselling in Brisbane and How It can Improve Your Life

Some difficulties in life, especially personal and mental health issues need a little help and support to overcome them. A counsellor has a major role in addressing these grave problems of human life. Talking to a professional about your problems may seem to be easier sometimes than sharing them with your family and friends. They can help diminish and eliminate your problem through effective counselling in Brisbane and improve your quality of life.   

What is Counselling?  

Counselling is a type of talking therapy in which a person gets an opportunity to talk and discuss their problems and feelings with a professional in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment. Carried out by a trained therapist, this facilitative process allows you to talk about issues that are encumbering your life and help you control your thoughts and emotions. Aside from making connections between past events and current behaviour, counselling in Brisbane is also useful in understanding who you are, realising your true potential, become unstuck and incorporate important changes in life. 

Each session of counselling is usually tailored to the individual needs. This kind of therapy allows for a range of formats. For face-to-face counselling, you need to make an appointment with a counsellor usually at their practice. This kind of counselling is quite beneficial for an individual having mental issues as it provides an opportunity to the counsellor to analyse the reactions to any emotions of that person that arise there and then. The therapist will encourage you to talk about your problem to uncover any root causes and determine your way of thinking. This helps the counsellor to create a plan of action to guide you to reconcile your issues or help you to cope with your problem. In another counselling format, you could attend a counselling group with individuals experiencing similar problems in order to address your issue. A group counselling session can allow you to discuss your issues with people who are facing similar problems and even give you a support network. You may also see a counsellor alone to maintain your privacy and focus on your feelings. 

Many people don’t prefer to physically speak to a counsellor and rather go for technology utilisation and emailing. In this online counselling, you will find time to think about what you need to discuss. For many people physically writing down their issues is more cathartic than any other therapies. Online counselling provides you the chance of protecting your anonymity. Telephone counselling is the best option if you prefer to talk to your counsellor over the phone than meeting him/her in person. If you are too busy to attend a face-to-face counselling session and want to carry it out in the comfort of your home, then a telephone counselling can be quite useful. 

What can Counselling Deal with?

A counselling therapy can be useful for anyone who wants to resolve their mental issue or personal problems and also explore the way they’re thinking or feeling further. If you feel you cannot share your personal issues with your friends or family, resorting to counselling in Brisbane can be an effective way to overcome your problems and improve your quality of life. 

Some common issues that can be addressed through counselling include the following:

Mental Health

Some mental health issues, such as depression or schizophrenia can make a person feel isolating. Counselling can give him/her a chance to discuss the feelings that occur in conjunction with these mental illnesses and help to overcome any personal challenges. 


Getting involved in an accident or being a victim of abuse can create a psychological trauma that can last for years after the event takes place. Counsellors encourage trauma victims to explore their feelings related to the incident and think about how to resolve the problem. 


Counselling can help discuss issues in families, couples and friends. Covering all types of relationships, this therapy could effectively solve problems anything from an issue with a parent, poor relationship with a partner or a friend or even difficulties with your colleagues at work. 


Physical addiction to an activity or a substance leads to psychological addiction too. Few counselling sessions can relieve psychological addiction while helping to explore the root cause and developing new ways of thinking. 


A victim of any kind of abuse, including verbal, physical or emotional can develop issues affecting all of his/her life. Counsellors can help victims to seek help from authorities and also guide to address the psychological repercussions through a few sessions in a safe environment. 


The loss of a loved one is a difficult event in anybody’s life and can bring up a variety of emotions, such as guilt and anger. People with these difficulties can benefit from talking to a counsellor about their feelings to help diminish the mental agony and resolve any other issues they may have. 

Other Common Issues

Many individuals suffer from anxiety, stress and low self-esteem due to the increase in competition and stress in every sphere of life. Counselling is a practical solution to all these issues while providing a space to vent all your feelings and frustrations. 

How can Counselling Help?

The way counselling can benefit depends on the individual receiving the treatment. Some people take a counselling session as a safe and confidential environment to express all their feelings and emotions. Sharing your personal issues or mental health problems with your close family and friends can sometimes, alter relationships and the way people see each other. However, counselling offers you space and freedom to discuss your thoughts without the fear of judgement. Counsellors don’t give concrete advice or a list of things to help you recover from your problems, they will rather help you understand your problems and provide you the tools to resolve them on your own. 

In most of the cases, more than one counselling session is necessary to overcome any issues you’re facing. It takes time and consistency for a counselling to work effectively. Many people go for regular counselling in Brisbane to make the most of the therapy. 

In Conclusion

You should know that counselling is not a quick fix and your counsellor won’t tell you what to do. Building a strong relationship between you and your counsellor and a great effort from your part together makes a successful combination to help you resolve your issues. 

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