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4 Steps You Can Create A Strong Social Media Reputation Management Plan

Do you know social media has a key role to play in reputation management?

Brand’s reputation completely depends on the user experience. And this gets reflected in the customer reviews shared on social media channels like Facebook. According to the latest statistics obtained, 88% of online users trust online reviews before making a purchase decision. They visit Facebook and other review generating sites to figure out the brand behavior towards the customers along with its products.

The recommendations made on social media encourage or discourage potential customers, defining the reputation score of the brand to a great extent. As a consequence, the business reputation management agency comes up with a strong social media reputation management plan.

Just follow the few steps and you can end up creating a success story for your brand. Here we go!

Just 4 Steps to create social media reputation management plan

1. Find the monitoring factors: It is hard to build a plan unless you are aware of the factors you are monitoring at or about to monitor. Instead of casually monitoring your social media platform, learn what exactly you have to manage and monitor.

 For a better reputation score and a better brand reputation on social media, you must keep an eye on a few things.

Find the brand mentions or monitor your company name. Find the things that are going around your brand and this is possible when you will have an eye on your mentions.

 Figure out the content that revolves around your brand products and services. Usually, the customers after using a brand product or service write something related to it on social media. You just have to find them out. Sometimes, the users tag the brand and use hashtags to make it more prominent. This makes it easier to watch out for the things going around your brand products.

Apart from brand mentions and reviews, you should also track the keywords that you have used on social media for promotion. Find the keywords that have managed to attain higher traffic and also list down the keywords that have zero engagement.   

2. Use online monitoring tools: Monitoring your brand on social media manually is indeed a challenging task. It is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort, turning it a daunting task for the user. However, you can add ease to the whole process simply by picking the online tools designed for monitoring social media accounts.

Make use of tools like Hootsuite, Social Mention, Sprout Social, etc. and get notifications whenever any new content is added related to your brand and products. You can monitor reviews, brand mentions, customer conversations, and can even send a prompt response through this. Just you need to move to the dashboard and find the notifications. The dashboard contains all your social media profiles, making it easier to track everything on social media.

3. Focus on brand engagement: The better the social engagement, the better the brand visibility online. This in turn establishes a long-lasting brand reputation and generates a good impression among the targeted audience.

 Hence, focusing on brand engagement on social media is pivotal. Use the tools to learn the number of viewers you attain per post. You can even keep track of the growing list of your followers, number of likes and shares generated, number of comments, and so on. All these show how engaging your brand is.

Brand engagement on social media is more enhanced through visual content like videos, images, etc. along with the events, campaigns, and other encouraging factors. Focus on these efforts you have put on for promoting your brand and make a report.

4. Encourage more customer recommendations: Reviews are aesthetically called recommendations on social media. Though they are prominent on Facebook, you can even view them on Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social channels.

 Ask your customers to share their feedback and experience with the brand. Encouraging your customers for more reviews, you get a chance to enhance your reputation online. The more positive reviews are generated, the more potential customers rely on your brand to make their purchase.

Several ways are there to build encouragement for recommendations. You can simply add a pop up after every online purchase. You can send a feedback mail to every customer in your contact list. You can personally ask your happy customers to share their reviews. You can even create clickable images, links, or a quiz that request customers for a review.


Apart from Google reviews, social media recommendations are far more appreciated by online users. In fact, people find the brand more trusted when it has a good value on social media. Be it is an eCommerce outlet or a realtor business if you are consistent on social media you are going to gain a good reputation in no time.

So, guys, are you interested in improving your social media tactics for reputation management? Find a team of ORM experts and choose one of the best reputation management packages that include social media management. Don’t worry it won’t break your bank.  

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