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Solar Panel Cleaning

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step to cleaning solar panel

Solar power system works properly if you keep them with proper care and maintenance. But if the panels are not clean then it’ll not work properly. Your solar panel could stop working if it covers with dust, grime, or dirt. In this way, the sunlight will block which results in low efficiency. To save cost and enhance the performance of the solar panel you need to keep your device clean and free of dirt. 

This shows that dust, pollen, dirt, bird droppings, leaves lowers the performance of panels and decreases the storage capacity. But if you do regular cleaning of the panels then not only the storage and also efficiency will be improved. In addition, the rainfall could also remove the dust and dirt particles but still, proper cleaning is a must. Here we are going to discuss the step by step cleaning guide that will help you to boost the panel’s performance on the go:

Steps To Clean Solar Panels

1. Shutdown Panels

First of all, you need to shut down the panels before starting cleaning. One has to shut down the panels according to the instructions given in the product’s manual book. Make sure to off the inverter according to the guidelines to save your item from any damage. However, to shut down the AC system you’ll need to switch the main solar supply switch.

2. Disconnect water/gutters

To keep your tank safe from dirty water make sure to switch off the gutter system or the rainwater tanks. In this way, the unclean water will not mix into it.

3. Select an adequate day

Make sure to select a good day for the cleaning. By that, we mean to choose a cool day or the time of the day when the sun isn’t too bright. If you mix the cold water with the hot panels then it’ll increase the risk of cracks. Moreover, if the hot sunlight striking the panels and you put any water then it’ll evaporate in no time and your hard work will go in vain.

 We’d suggest you choose a cool early morning because in the morning the dewdrops have already softened the dirt. Thus, you’ll need less water, and fewer efforts plus energy will be required to clean the panels. Those who can’t manage the cleaning in the early morning then choose the cloudy or overcast day for it.

4. Use water carefully

While cleaning the panels make sure to throw the water carefully. It is advised to not water the panels or gaps between them directly.

5. Use a Soft cloth & soap

There is some stubborn grime that is hard to clean with plain water. To remove them completely use a soft cloth and mild soap. Moreover, you can use a good quality soft brush, or cloth-covered sponge to clean the panels.

6. Take care of yourself

Climbing over the roof without wearing any safety gear or without appropriate safety equipment will put you in trouble. The risk of falling from the roof increases when you use water. As the soapy water will make the roof slippery so make sure to get the proper equipment or try to clean the panels over-ground. We’d suggest you hire a professional cleaner for cleaning the panels.

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